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Natural and/or organic cosmetics as the only option?

Química verde

In Ami Iyök we have been taking care of your skin since 2012, taking advantage of selected natural resources with high bilateral activity. We promote natural cosmetics as part of a lifestyle and aligned to values that pursue balance and well-being.

Far from sensationalism, the brand posits itself towards a philosophy that seeks to connect with nature but not as the only option, but as an alternative
more to the consumption of conventional cosmetics.
Conventional cosmetics and the world of active ingredients (emulsifiers, preservatives, surfactants etc.) has evolved a lot in recent years and we can find complex formulas with revolutionary ingredients derived from natural or from processes such as fermentation, hydrogenation, hydrolysis combined with enzymatic processes such as Vita C stabilized (Ascorbyl Glucoside) among hundreds of assets.

We are fortunate to have a highly regulated European legislation in cosmetic terms, and all those assets that may lead to controversy over their toxicity or adverse effects are totally limited in their dose. This occurs both in synthesis ingredients and in natural assets, an example would be essential oils, which lack safety.
So we can rest assured in terms of safety when applying any cosmetics, whether natural or conventional.
In any case, it is important to have a responsible, conscious consumption and to choose well everything that we apply on the skin in the most intelligent way possible, without letting ourselves be led by alarmisms and without obsessing.

Since ancient times, when our planet was far from what it is now, natural resources were used for beauty rituals and for medicinal use. Many multinationals gathered so much wisdom to then patent or develop projects based on tradition and nature.
On the other hand, there is no doubt that the natural resources applied to cosmetics close the recycling cycle in domestic use because they are totally biocompatible and have minimal impact on the planet.

If we talk about certified organic cosmetics we enter the use of natural herbicides that currently are about 28 approved for organic agriculture compared to 490 approved for non-organic agriculture, and the good farming practices speak for themselves. Approved organic pesticides are mainly derived from natural substances and go through a strict control and regulatory approval process to ensure minimal impact on the environment and human health.
Many pesticides were labelled as safe years ago and are now banned. There is a strong debate in Europe about whether many of them should still be banned.

In the face of these doubts, in the face of the uncertainty of what was once certain and now not, and the lack of scientific evidence tipped to one side or the other, but with remarkable controversy, we believe that one must always be guided by instinct and common sense, in addition to always informing us well from reliable sources.
The conclusion is that nature provides us with balance, and balance in all areas of our life gives rise to health and well-being.
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Elena Alarcón
CEO at Ami Iyök ecosmetics