Ami Iyok

Prepare your skin for a healthy tan during the summer

During the summer, we are more exposed to the sun daily. Especially on the beach we spend many hours sunbathing to get brown. And so we get a more beautiful and shiny tone and skin.

But for a good tan and to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun, it is important to perform a routine before and after exposure.

Tanning of the skin is due to the production of melanin, which protects us from ultraviolet radiation. It is found within the melanocytes in the most superficial layer of the epidermis. Thus, the more we take care of the epidermis, the better the melanocytes are and last longer

For a good care of the epidermis, especially to keep the tanning, it is important to increase the water retention in the cells. And this is achieved by providing water from a good pre and post solar exposure ritual.

To show off a skin of the body with a homogeneous and beautiful tanning tone we give you some tips with the summer ritual of Ami iyok. A powerful ritual to combat those more rebellious areas with tanning such as the legs, helping to drain fluids, mobilize and deflower the cellulite of the legs and bring a subtle touch of tanning. And prepare the whole body to prolong and get a healthy and beautiful tan all over your body.



Step 1. Start with dry exfoliation: Perform a mechanical exfoliation with a mane glove or exfoliating brush. It’s the first ritual to prepare the skin. It must be made without any substance, with the aim of activating the circulation and thus mobilize fats and liquids. With this, we also eliminate dead cells, which leave the skin dry and which often prevents us from having a homogeneous tone. If moistened, the skin already takes the necessary hydration.


Step 2. Cold micro exfoliation. Provides skin well-being, vasoconstriction and decongestion after sun exposure. For this, we recommend Exfonat, which achieves these benefits thanks to the trace elements of the lemon and bamboo it contains. Contains micronized coconut shell that helps complete the micro circulation.
In addition, it is ideal for skin care with the addition of olive oil and Sancha Inchi oil.
This product should be applied to cold temperature of refrigerator for better action.


Step 3. Removal of nodules and liquids from localized areas
Because we want to wear nice legs during the summer. We recommend Celucombat, the first organic anti-cellulite that provides smooth legs, ternas and without cellulite or fluid retention. Thanks to its anti-cellulite assets such as Fucus, Ruscus, Cacao, Caffeine and Indian Incense, to mobilize accumulated fat and reduce edema.
In addition, with its active Tens Up offers an immediate tensioning effect.


Step 4: Touch of Sun and Hydration


Photoshop oil, provides hydration and covers imperfections thanks to its subtle golden pigments. This compound based on Manoi de Tahi oil and Tiaré flower, which offer a deep hydration and an anti-aging action.
In addition, Photoshop oil contains protection factor 15 that protects us from sun and skin aging.

As we know, the skin of the face has characteristics different from those of the body. And therefore, we have to take care of it differently to enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin after sun exposure, as it is much more fragile and more exposed to photoaging.



Step 1: Cleaning. It is important to have a good daily facial hygiene to eliminate the traces of sebum, sweat and pollution accumulator that together with sun exposure, increase skin alterations. But also, because dirt creates a barrier in the skin that prevents the correct absorption of the assets of subsequent moisturizing and nourishing treatments.
Green Shaman, it’s the facial cleanser. It cleans, removes makeup, restores and detoxifies your skin only with ingredients of biological and organic origin in a base of oily gel. Gently cleanses without irritation respecting the protective layer of the skin thanks to its assets such as the exotic microalgae Spirulina.


Step 2. Exfoliation.

Perform a facial exfoliation once a week, to remove dead cells that provide dry skin, by preventing the penetration of emollient assets for good hydration. And it favors the natural process of cell renewal of the skin, and thus obtain a tanned tone of the face homogeneous. As in the case of the body, we use Exfonat.


Step 3. Hydration

With hydration we provide the amount of water needed by skin cells, after dehydration by sun exposure. By hydrating the face, we keep the cells that are full of melanin in good condition, and provide turgor, elasticity and a healthy and more durable tan.

For drier skin, we recommend Dryskin oasis. The combination of Olive Oil, Sacha Inchi, Bamboo, Beeswax and Almond Oil restructure and strengthen the skin by rebuilding its natural barrier thanks to the high concentration of Vitamin E and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids that provide these assets.

And for mixed skin, Iyök Balance, balance the pH of the skin, astringing all those areas with a tendency to grease and nourishing in depth the drier areas, thus returning a visible skin homogeneity thanks to its main asset: the Aloe Vera.
For moments where the skin needs extra hydration, Oceanic mask. Once a week, after exfoliation.


Step 4. Night Hydration

For very sun-punished skins, Kombunectar as a night mask is ideal. It soothes the skin from mild irritations caused by the sun. It renews the skin, repairs and brightens and restores vitality to the face in just one night.