Your anti-acne facial care routine during puberty

How to combat signs of hormonal changes during puberty

During puberty we experience many important changes due to hormonal changes that are experienced during this stage of life.

More hair appears on the body, the voice changes, our height and we have emotional stampedes. But one of the most visible changes that usually worries the most during puberty is the appearance of sebum and acne on the face.

At the onset of puberty are due to increased secretion of androgens and estrogens. In the case of women, this increase in estrogens is produced by the gonodotrophin-releasing hormone GnRH, when it reaches the pituitary gland, it releases two other hormones into the bloodstream: Lutropin ( LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone( FSH).

In the face, the hormone that produces alterations during puberty is testosterone, an androgen hormone that produces a stimulation of the sebaceous glands , and therefore an increase in the production of sebum in the face, and as a result, acne.

The face with an overproduction of sebum have a tendency to have a skin with imperfections. We understand as imperfection , any alteration of the temporary face due to an imbalance in the skin , in this case during puberty.

Also as a care in your facial routine it is important to protect the lipid mantle and use soft products with antioxidant assets to combat free radicals that deteriorate the supporting structure of the skin.

The skins with acne at the beginning of puberty , we can not forget to apply sunscreen 50+ high spectrum, especially oil free and alcohol-free since removing the skin microflora in the long run can create a rebound effect. Although it is good to sunbathe, as it dries the grains and helps to control photosensitive bacterial overproduction, we have to avoid burns or prolonged exposure as the skin is inflamed and sensitive.

In case of severe acne, it is recommended before applying any product , consult the dermatologist.

Acne. Skin imperfections during puberty

The face with an overproduction of sebum have a tendency to have a skin with imperfections, and that encompasses skin acne . We understand as imperfection , any alteration of the temporary face due to an imbalance in the skin , in this case during puberty.

Black dots (Open comedones)

It is a small, flat, dark-colored imperfection due to blockage of an sebaceous gland by accumulated sebum. The dark color appears by the reaction of sebum with oxygen, it has nothing to do with accumulated dirt.

Pimple (closed comedon)

It is a rather round imperfection with an elevation. It has a white coverage , which is due to a blockage of the sebaceous gland.


It is an imperfection due to inflammation due to an infection of the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes in the hair follicle , since the accumulation of sebum facilitates the overpopulation of this bacteria. It is the general term that is often used to encompass also blackheads and pimples.


It is an elevation of the skin but does not contain pus.


The pustule is a grain-like imperfection or pimples but an increase in size.


Lesions caused by tissue deterioration, usually by touching or damaging the spot area.

Daily facial routine during puberty

Des de Ami yok proposes a daily facial routine to combat alterations in the face due to a hormonal imbalance during puberty, such as oily skin and acne.
We want to stress the importance of consistency in your facial routine, especially the cleaning and control of the seboregulation of the skin.


As a first step of your facial ritual is cleaning , as we deflate pores and drag dirt and sebum, during puberty, which can boost infections and prevent the appearance of acne on the face.
The Green Shaman cleanser formulated with essential oil from Blue tansy and Bergamot, with a great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power. With other soothing assets such as chamomile and at the same time vegetable oils and spirulina algae for a deep cleansing without attacking the lipid mantle.


Continuing with the ritual of facial cleansing , for oily and acne skin , we recommend performing a gentle exfoliation to remove the dead cell from the skin and thus de-crust the pores, to prevent the appearance of acne. With the EXFONAT scrub with micronized coconut peel , and with bamboo trace elements for the oxygenation of the cells.
It is also important to apply a purifying facial mask, to intensify the regeneration, nutrition and oxygenation of the face ,returning its homogeneity The OCEANIK MASK purifying mask contains biologically active marine logos and volcanic clay that help detoxify and activate the circulation of the face. We recommend applying the Ocean Mask once a week for 10 min, and the Exfonat scrub every two weeks. You can also alternate the products, one week each. It is important to make correct use , since used with excess can cause a counterproductive effect, crenate more sebum and dragging the protective lipid mantle.


Then apply a serum specifically designed for oily and acne face. Balance the skin naturally, controlling the buds and inhibiting the overproduction of sebum.
It contains Manuka , which creates an unfavorable environment for the microbial population , along with the tea and cedar oil complex. With great antiseptic properties.
Also lemon and Aloevera astringen areas with more fat and shine , unifying the tone.


Booster calm blisters protect the microbiota present in the skin, and isolates the external microorganisms so that they reproduce and create a protective barrier in the skin. Because the alteration of the microbiota present involves many of the skin problems produced by microbial infections , as is the case of acne.

It is a source of probiotics and antioxidants that promote the formation of ceramides to restore the skin and improve the appearance of the skin with acne during puberty.

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