Acne and Rosacea. What is the difference? How do we treat them?

Rosacea can easily be confused with vulgar acne, but they have different causes. How do we differentiate them?

We always relate granites to vulgar acne, but it has been seen that many of the cases diagnosed as acne were actually rosacea.

Rosacea, also known as papulopustular rosacea, is a type of rosacea that causes symptoms very similar to acne during outbreaks.

Both acne and rosacea are inflammatory and chronic skin diseases.

Rosacea may present recurrent transient redness , persistent facial erythema, telangiectasias ( spider veins ) , papules and pustules on cheeks , nose , forehead , chin and chest.

Rosacea is common in people with fair skin, between 30 and 50 years, and predominant in women.

In contrast, acne affects mostly adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17, but it has been seen that there is a significant number after the age of 20. And that’s when it’s usually confused with rosacea.
Acne appears earlier in men than in women , in oily skins , and can present blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and secular scars.
An alteration of the microbiota of the skin can cause acne and rosacea , altering the immune system due to the presence of external agents , producing inflammation and redness.

From Ami iyök , we bet on a good care of the face microbiota to prevent or treat skin conditions caused by an alteration of this. The BOSTER CALM 360º blisters in the MICROBIOTA SKINWARRIORS range take care of and repair the bacteria on our face to maintain healthy skin.

¿How do we differentiate rosacea and acne?

Other triggers of acne and rosacea are genetic factors, alcohol , tobacco , certain foods and heat or cold.

But papulopustular rosacea has a slightly different origin than vulgar acne. The symptoms are very similar but there are small differences that allow us to distinguish them:

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Acne results from increased sebum production in the hair follicle. The accumulation of sebum creates a favorable environment for the colonization of the bacterium Cutibacterium acnes ( before Propiobacterium acnes ) which causes a decomposition of this sebum , causing inflammation and the appearance of papules and pustules.

In acne it is characterized by the presence of blackheads, small obstructions of dirt, oil and dead cells in the skin, known as pimples and blackheads.


Rosacea acne , as we have already mentioned is one of the four types of rosacea. In all types of rosacea, it is due to a genetic alteration that causes the blood vessels in the face to dilate more than normal. And this makes the skin on your face more prone to redness. So, you have to watch your body’s temperature changes a lot.

In the case of papilopustular rosacea, it is caused by an overabundance of external mites, specifically of the species Demodex, in the hair follicles of the face. These mites are found naturally in the human skin, but an alteration of the skin’s microbiota can disproportionately increase the amount of mites , causing irritation and inflammation.

As in vulgar acne, papules and pustules appear but without blackheads. And these are triggered by the inflammatory response that accompanies the outbreaks, not by the colonization of Demodex.

¿How we fight acne and rosacea?

The blister BOOSTER CALM 360º Warrior I , with efficacy test in rosacea , is a great ally for the skin with rosacea and acne. It creates a biocompatible barrier with the skin and protects against bacteria, mites and external agents. And it causes the bacteria of the skin to reproduce to avoid its imbalance , one of the main factors of acne and rosacea.

It contains azelaic acid, an antibacterial and bactericidal against Cutibacterium acnes ( before Propiobacterium acnes ), as it inhibits the synthesis of microbial cellular proteins. It is also an anti-inflammatory drug, which helps reduce inflammation and redness in rosacea and acne.

It highlights the presence of the active Kombunectar TM, a source of amino acids from probiotics and prebiotics , with great restorative capacity . Together with other regenerative assets with Sulforaphan, alpha-bisabolol, Vit F and L-Lysine.
It also contains soothing and anti-inflammatory agents such as chamomile and horsetail extract , which decongest and de-inflame the skin with rosacea and acne.

It is very important , both in skins with acne and rosacea , protecting photoprotective broad spectrum 50+.

¿How can We differentiate Rosacea and Acne?

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¿What active help us to combat Rosacea and Acne??

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