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Toothpaste, detergents and especially scrubs are personal care products are composed of tiny plastic balls known as plastic microspheres.

We all like to show off the skin of our face and body after an exfoliation, but we are not aware of the environmental impact of microplastics.

Due to their small size, when they reach the water treatment network like other wastes from the larger house, they pass through solid retention sieves and decanting ponds. In addition, they are resistant to chemical treatments and to the action of bacteria that oxidize organic matter, thus reaching directly into rivers and finally into the sea.

La fauna marina puede confundirlo con comida, injerirlas y que se acumulen en su tracto digestivo. Preocupa especialmente el zooplancton, pero también ostras, mejillones ya que se puede ver alterada la cadena trófica.

Por otro lado, están compuestas por polipropileno (PP), tereftalato de polietileno (PET), polimetilmetacrilato (PMMA), o nailon- las hace muy resistentes, y capaces de asociarse con otros contaminantes químicos orgánicos como pesticidas. De esta manera podrían pasar a la alimentación humana mediante los peces, los cuales también se ven afectados.

In the United Kingdom, a law prohibiting the use of microplastics in cosmetics and hygiene products came into force last year (2019). Like the United States, it came into force in January 2020.

In Europe there is still no law prohibiting the use of micro-spheres in industry. But there is good news, the European Chemicals Agency of the EU presented in January 2019 a bill for the prohibition of microplastics that could be reality in about 2-4 years, since its presentation. After a public consultation period of 6 months and an analysis of the results and economic, social and risk assessments, the project is expected to reach the European Commission by 2020.

And if approved, member countries would have two years to implement it and adapt to the new measures.

Ami Iyok – EXFONAT

From Ami iyök, we are committed to the use of biodegradable alternatives in face and body scrubs. As is the case of Exfonat, based on micronized coconut shell, makes a soft and totally natural exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and oxygenate cells.