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Your menopause facial care routine

Crema antiarrugas Dryskin-oasis

Facial routine to combat signs of menopause

Women at the onset of menopause, between 45-50 years old( sometimes before or after ) experience many physiological changes due to progressive hormonal oscillations. Estrogen and progesterone levels decrease during menopause.
The figure changes , with an increase of the adipose component and increases blood flow in the face and neck , which from here comes the hot flashes as it increases the body temperature.
The skin also undergoes important changes during menopause. Early aging is experienced.

The lack of estrogen causes a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, proteins that are part of the cell matrix that supports the skin , providing firmness and consistency. This loss gives the skin a drier, brittle, and finer appearance, leading to wrinkles, expression lines, and skin sagging.
During menopause , although we relate it to adolescence, oily skin may appear, as testosterone stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete sebum and giving the appearance of oily skin.

Also, during menopause we find less nutrients and oxygen available in the layers of the epidermis. This constitutes a thinning of this , causing a decrease in cell renewal and retention of skin water . The skin is less hydrated giving a dry skin look.
As we get older we also find more spots on the skin. Estrogens exert a regulating effect of melanin. In the areas of the skin that have been more exposed to the sun, the synthesis of melanin increases causing the appearance of spots.

But do not panic , wearing certain lifestyles and applying cosmetics in your facial routine that provide the elements that are altered during menopause, we can act to reduce skin aging.
From Ami iyok we contribute by a slow aging facial routine , take care of the skin early to avoid a skin deterioration by aging and thus look healthy skin longer.

How to look your skin during menopause

There are certain healthy habits that the sooner we apply them in our day to day will help us to have a healthy and beautiful skin for longer. But they are even more important during menopause , as you see many factors in our body altered.
It is important not to smoke and to restrict alcohol consumption as much as possible before and during menopause, since it deoxygenates the cells and prevents cell regeneration. It helps the appearance of free radicals, decreasing the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin.

Moderate but constant physical activity helps to control weight and increases self-esteem as it tones the muscles and prevents correction of sagging.
A diet rich in antioxidants such as vegetables and fruit , and with lean protein such as eggs, fish , white meat help the production of collagen.

Daily facial routine during menopause

During menopause it is so important to take care of yourself inside that outside with a good daily facial routine to look healthy and radiant skin.
From Ami iyok we propose some essential products in your facial routine to contribute what is missing to your skin that is losing during menopause:

Gentle cleaning with the water-based cleaner GREEN SHAMAN

Your first step in your facial routine is cleaning. Since it cleans the pores avoiding the overproduction of sebum and allowing a greater penetration of the products of your facial routine. The Green shaman cleaner contains mild surfactants without soap so as not to dry the skin, since during menopause it is very dehydrated.

Your daily facial routine during menopause


The next step in your facial routine is to bring a tightening effect to the eye contour. As it is a thinner skin, and with the ordering of collagen and elastin tends to fall off and create more lines of expression.
The EYE GLAM serum contains hyaluronic acid, for greater water retention, and the technological asset Tens Up for an immediate lifting effect.

WHITEPRO depigmentating ampoules

As we have said , during menopause , spots usually appear on the skin. Therefore, it is important to include a depigmentating product in your daily facial routine.
Whitepro ampoules contain different anti-fouling assets such as VitC, liquorice and complexes such as Melacare or Skin Bright active. And at the same time combat aging and help repair the skin barrier that is affected by hormonal alteration.
It is also important to apply a high spectrum solar50+ protector to prevent the appearance of more spots.

Intense hydration with DRYSKIN-OASIS

During menopause, as we have already mentioned, the skin looks much more dehydrated and loses elasticity. More lines of expression appear, as a result of the passage of time and the hormonal imbalance that is experienced.
The anti-wrinkle facial cream, Dryskin oasis , contains a combination of nutritious oils such as Sancha Inchi or Bamboo, among others, that provide in your facial routine the extra hydration you need. It contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that retains water and fills the expression lines. It also contains the active Tens Up , a vegetable tensioner, with an immediate lifting effect , and the active Argireline with Botox light effect that provide your facial routine with great anti-aging power.

Ultrarich dream night cream

Night cream is an essential product in your facial routine during menopause. Because during the night physiological processes of the skin are activated for greater regeneration and provide moisture lost during the day.
Ultrarich dram night cream contains incense and bamboo assets that deflate, drain, and reconstitute the skin overnight.

What can I include in my facial routine to fight against accelerated aging during menopause?