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What is cellulite or orange peel?

Anticelulítico orgánico y efectivo

What is cellulite and how to combat it with a good anti-cellulite and healthy lifestyle?


Cellulite is the accumulation of adipose tissue, water and toxins under the surface of certain parts of the body, which produces alterations of connective tissue and collagen fibers, manifesting in the form of fatty nodules of fat.

The cause of cellulite is an imbalance between lipogenesis and lipolysis, that is, between the synthesis and destruction of fat cells. Hormonal factors such as estrogen and progesterone play a fundamental role as they stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and increase the activity of adipocytes. And therefore the accumulation of fat and fluid retention.

It has been shown that there are three types of adipocytes, which are the cells that form adipose tissue susceptible to becoming cellulite.

When adipocyte is brown, fat burns easily so cellulite is not as noticeable. In contrast, when adipocytes are white, fat is stored causing the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is a mostly female problem, affecting 90% of women, compared to 10% of men. Cellulite is usually concentrated in the hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

The removal of cellulite is not an immediate process, but requires care in our lifestyle and a natural anti-cellulite treatment based on our own natural cosmetics, since it is the most appropriate to the nature of our skin.


Types of cellulite

There are types of cellulite depending on the appearance and location.


Soft cellulite

Soft cellulite is more common from the age of 40 and sedentary. It concentrates on the front of the muscle, buttocks, abdomen, back, and arms. Appearance “orange peel” with spongy, mobile and little consistency tissue. It is not usually painful.


Hard cellulite

Hard cellulite is concentrated on the outer face of the thighs (cartridge cases) or inside the knees. It usually appears in young women. The skin remains smooth and hard to the touch, but has a grainy appearance and ripples. It can be painful.


Edematous cellulite

Edematous cellulite is the most notorious and difficult to treat of the three. The person who has it usually has serious circulation problems or fluid retention. It is a pasty consistency, and usually painful.


Mixed cellulite

Mixed cellulite is the appearance of hard and soft cellulite located in different areas. For example, soft cellulite is located on the inner thigh and hard cellulite is located on the outer thigh.


How to treat cellulite, which should contain a good anti-cellulite?

To treat cellulite you need constancy and a good anti-cellulite.

A good anti-cellulite should contain:

  • Substances that prevent lipogenesis (fat cell formation). Like caffeine and theophylline (coffee , green tea, mate) that activates the synthesis of AMPc and degrades triglycerides. Guarana extract , L-carnitine , bioactive complexes such as fucus.
  • Substances acting on the circulation: Ginkgo and chestnut, Antiedematous (ruscos, coumarin, hammamelis .. )
  • Connective tissue enhancing substance: Silicon (present in ponytail)


Organic and effective anti-cellulite


The anti-cellulite CELUCOMBAT acts on the beige adipocytes, which depending on the stimulus can become brown or white.

CELUCOMBAT is a natural anti-cellulite that has two natural technological assets, LipOutÒ  and Tens UpÒ..

The key ingredient of the anti-cellulite CELUCOMBAT is LIP OUTÒ,, from a single-celled microalgae that stimulates the passage of fat-accumulating adipocytes to fat-burning adipocytes, this process being known as browning or thermogenesis. Thermogenesis increases the temperature of the skin, favoring the “fat burning” effect. But that’s not all, the Tens UpÒ is able to promote an immediate lifting effect on the skin, improving its smoothness and appearance.
The formula of our anti-cellulite, combines the effectiveness of these natural assets along with other classic ingredients of natural cosmetics such as Cocoa, Caffeine, Fucus, Ivy, Rusco, Lemon, Aloe vera, Shea Butter, Sacha Inchi and Asian Sparkle.

But the use of an anti-cellulite is not enough to combat cellulite, some keys for all our effort to fight against orange peel or cellulite are:


Good food the great ally against cellulite

It is important to complement your anti-cellulite with healthy lifestyle habits such as, reduce alcohol and salt consumption, avoid spicy foods and high-calorie diets. Also drink plenty of liquid and drink natural fruit juices that help to remove accumulated fluids.


Moderate and steady exercise to keep orange peel at bay

Moderate exercise significantly helps improve cellulite. Sedentary life makes it difficult to remove water and waste.
Playing sports reduces stress, and at the same time helps to combat the accumulation of fat that causes cellulite. Anxiety leads to increased adrenaline and noradrenaline that at high concentrations helps the accumulation of fat leading to orange peel.


If you are looking for a natural and organic anti-cellulite but with assets guaranteed with efficacy test you are in luck! Take a look at our Celucombat.