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Vit C and Niacinamide in the same product?

Serum Vit C and Niacinamide, combined for a more integral antiaging effect! What concentration of each asset is appropriate?

We have heard about the concept of minimalist cosmetics, “less is more”. It is based on choosing few ingredients, so you can add more concentration of each component. But in certain assets such as Vit C or Niacinamide, very high concentrations can cause skin irritations and reactions.

We usually find high concentrations in facial serums, which penetrate the deeper layers, and therefore provide more concentration of an asset than a facial cream. And they help the active ingredients of the moisturizer to penetrate easier.

A product with a single ingredient leads us to mix different products with different ingredients, which combined can irritate our skin or that we do not fight aging in a complete way.

Therefore, some ingredients can be better kept separate. However, there are many skin care ingredients that can be mixed without causing negative reactions. In fact, it has been found that the association of two or more assets in the same formulation leads to an increase in the effectiveness of this, especially if the assets have different mechanisms of action. Since thus each ingredient acts in different ways at the cellular and tissue level, and we combat all signs of aging in a comprehensive way, without attacking the skin.

This is especially true for depigmentating and anti-aging products. We found a perfect combination antiaging with vit C and niacinamide (Vit B3): They are two active depigmentants, with different mechanisms of melanin inhibition. Therefore, they act on two different levels for a more complete action. But they also have other properties that associate give a more comprehensive anti-age result.

From Ami iyök, we present WHITEPRO , a lightweight serum without perfumes to combat the hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by various factors, without forgetting the anti-aging effect . It contains the combination of Vit C and Niacinamide along with other depigmentating ingredients , which act at different levels, such as : Arbutin , azelaic acid, amla , liquorice extract and the active Melacare and Skin Bright active . Present in a suitable concentration for a visible effect and ensure a good tolerance of the skin.
At the same time it contains other ingredients that target the anti-aging effect such as the active Kombunectar, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin F , among others.

Combination Vit C & Niacinamide

As mentioned above, the association of Vit C and Niacinamide , at appropriate concentrations, make the formula anti-stains more complete , increasing its effectiveness and tolerance on the face.

Depigmentants, due to their ease of oxidation, are often combined with other antioxidants. In addition to providing an action against free radicals and helping the production of collagen, they give stability to the formula.

Se encuentra el fruto de la Arbutina como ingrediente despigmentante del serum WHITEPRO

Vitamin C (Ascorbyl glucoside)

Ascorbyl glucoside , as a stable form of Vit C , act by inhibiting the enzyme of tyrosinase , responsible for the formation of melanin , and therefore skin stains . But thanks to its great antioxidant power, it also increases the production of collagen, for greater elasticity and turgor of the skin.

Niacinamide (Vit B3)

Niacinamide ( vit B3 ) is a water-soluble vitamin , acts as a depigmentant in the process of transfer of melanosomes, which are responsible for transporting melanin in the most superficial layers. But it also has great restorative properties for the skin, and an anti-inflammatory effect.
Niacinamide boosts the action of Vit C when combined.

What percentage of Vit C and Niacinamide are appropriate?

As we have previously marked the concentration of ingredients in a formula is very important for a good tolerance of the skin and not alter or irritate it.
Vit C in concentration between 2% and 5%( with the Ph very controlled) are already effective and we get visible results with a greater tolerance.

In the case of Niacinamide, it has been found that at concentrations of up to 5% already reduces hyperpigmentation and acts on the expression lines in a significant way, with very low incidence of irritation.
On the market are concentrations up to 20% of Vit C. But it is recommended to use it under the supervision of a dermatologist, as they are concentrations for more serious cases and their application can alter the skin. Because, in high percentages, they work with very low pH that can cause irritations.

In the case of Niacinamide, it is more stable and has a softer effect than Vit C. We found concentrations up to 10% of Niacinamide , and it has been proven that it does not generate a sharp sensation in the face. But it may not be well tolerated in very sensitive skin.

Serum Vit C and Niacinamide.  Do you know that the association of different assets in the same product can increase efficiency? Combat aging in a comprehensive way with a single product.