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Travel set: Natural cosmetics in your suitcase, Soon in our points of sale!

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The advantages of taking our Travel set in your luggage

Let them raise their hands those who have ever found themselves in this situation: “The radiant sun comes through the window. I have my suitcase to make and about twenty products of more than 100 ml of natural cosmetics to order. Do I need an advanced and special master in tetris? You say to yourself (same as last year): I wish I had these little boats so comfortable that you can take them wherever you want. No problems with space or at the airport, I can not wait to open my suitcase and check everything … “. If this is you, do not worry, here we make a proposal of natural cosmetics of the most traveling. Soon the travel set arrives in AmiIyök to accompany you wherever you go. Whether it’s a weekend in the village next door or the farthest place on earth.
One of the advantages of our travel set is that you will forget to refill boats. All products included in the pack have a maximum of 10ml. This is the amount you need when you spend a few days off. Neither will you have space problems, because they occupy so little that you will not leave out any of your favorite sets. In addition, each and every one of them keeps the essence of high natural cosmetics under the “Slow Aging” philosophy. Our Travel Set is designed so that, even when away from home, you will be pampered and cared for. Do not leave for the return the pleasure of feeling your skin radiant.
In the Travel set of Ami Iyök you will find an ideal proposal and of the most varied.

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First stage of the Travel set routine: Cleanse deeply

Green Shaman (10ml): Our facial cleanser cleanses, restores and detoxifies your skin in a gentle and non-irritating way. This will be the first step of a natural cosmetic facial routine that will leave your skin free of impurities. The scent of Green Shaman is invigorating, so it helps to maintain a positive attitude and well-being. What is the best thing about vacations? Good vibes! And our cleaner predisposes you to have it. Thanks to natural ingredients such as Spirulina, Sacha Inchi Oil, Ricino Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Acai, Blue Tansy, Camomile and Bergamot you will clean your skin gently and without irritations. As part of the “Slow Aging” line, it helps to prevent and treat premature aging, favoring cellular regeneration.
For a good use, you must apply it morning and night having moistened the face. Afterwards, remove with plenty of water.
OceanikMask (10 ml): The purifying mask Oceanik cleans, purifies and absorbs the remaining impurities in your skin. In addition to descaling, it closes the pores and regulates the production of sebum, thanks to the most effective assets of natural cosmetics. The Marine Muds and the Volcanic Clay that contains, clean and open the pores to eliminate imperfections and blackheads. On the other hand, Witch Hazel and Citrus Oils are astringent and protective of the skin. They also give it luminosity, leaving it soft, oxygenated and radiant.
You can apply the Oceanik Mask of the Travel set directly with your fingers or with a spatula on the facial skin. Do not apply over the eyes, mouth or nose. Let it act for about 3 minutes and remove it with warm water or some wet wipe. Just do not let it work for more than 10 minutes.

Second stage of the Travel Set facial routine: Toning

Hibistonic (10ml): The third step of the Travel set routine is the stimulation and toning of the skin. Hibistonic tones and prepares your face for further treatments. With its sweet woody scent, you will move to the heart of nature, not only physically but emotionally. Natural cosmetic ingredients such as Hibiscus, Hamamelis, Ginkgo, Orange and Cinnamon will balance the Ph of your skin. In addition, being an astringent and anti-aging tonic, your skin will look younger and softer.
You can apply it at the end of the cleaning of your face directly or with the help of a cotton. Distribute the product throughout your facial skin smoothly and evenly.

Third stage of the Travel Set facial routine: Unify the tone and deeply hydrate

MyPerfect Skin (5ml): With this facial serum, you will be able to colorize and unify the tone of your skin. You will recover facial smoothness, taking care of it with a comprehensive anti-aging treatment. This step is very important in your routine Travel Set for both the face and neck. The light texture of MyPerfect Skin, will allow its absorption quickly, providing in turn a sensation of total freshness. Among the star ingredients of natural cosmetics we find Ginkgo Biloba, Rose of Mosqueta, Centella Asiática, Gingseng, among others.
To achieve optimum results, you must apply morning and night on both the face and neck in ascending order. It will be enough with the application of a thin layer of the product.

Iyök Balance (10ml): Finally the last step of the last stage of our Travel set. Iyök Balance is a moisturizing and balancing skin cream. It acts by astringent areas with fat tendencies and deeply nourishing the driest areas. In addition, thanks to the vegetable tensor Tens Up, to the “Botox Light” effect of Argeline and to Hyaluronic Acid you will be able to fill the expression lines. In this way, you will treat the signs of aging of the skin, in addition to moisturize and nourish it deeply. Among its ingredients contains Macadamia Oil, Tahiti Monoi Oil, Sacha Inchi, among others.
You should apply Iyök Balance daily on dry face, once the previous steps of the Travel set facial routine have been completed. It can be applied directly by hand and upward, contrary to wrinkles. Massage gently until completely absorbed.
So far all the natural cosmetics Travel set. Do not hesitate, if you do not want to waste space or time and also want to feel comfortable and relaxed, this will be your best travel companion. Take care and make yourself at home (or even more), the Travel set will make your vacation a sensory delight! Very soon at our points of sale.

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