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Spirulina algae, the power of superfoods

Alga Espirulina Green Shaman

Why is spirulina a superfood?

In recent times the term “superfood” has been very strong in the world of nutrition and cosmetics. The reason? The large amount of nutrients we can find in small amounts of certain types of food. But do not think that entering this select list is easy. For this it is necessary that these are 100% natural, thus the body can assimilate much better all the nutrients. As you can imagine, if we have to add a large number of components in a single food, the possibilities are reduced to a few. The impressive capacity of spirulina has aroused the curiosity of many experts because of its great potential. So much so that it has even come to be called “the food of the future”. Undoubtedly, this is called revolutionizing the paradigm of food and cosmetics, do not you think?
For this reason today, we come to talk about this titan of nature: spirulina. Surely it is one of the best known “superfoods” that exist for their numerous benefits in our health and skin. He has earned it by heart! Spirulina has come to stay.

Properties and benefits of spirulina in our skin

Spirulina is a type of unicellular alga very famous for its characteristic intense green color. Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and essential fatty acids is a bomb for our skin. Spirulina’s strengths include much more than it appears at first. It helps to improve the immune system and combat free radicals by providing our body with the energy it needs to fight them. In addition, the Chlorophyll and Phycocyanin pigments it contains help to renew tissues and counteract radiation. To make matters worse, its vitamins cause the fibroblasts to provide the skin with nutritious and anti-wrinkle properties. What more can we ask this “superfood”?
In Ami Iyök we are fascinated with these properties. And, in case anyone doubted it at any time, the spirulina enters inside our star ingredients in the formulations. Nature and science come together once more to give shape to a product designed for the daily care of our skin. The Green Shamman gel facial cleanser. Do you want to know a little more about him?

GREEN SHAMAN: Bio-facial cleanser gel

Green Shamman is our everyday cleanser. It is the first step of an organic line for any beauty treatment. Its purpose is to cleanse, make-up, restore and detoxify the skin. Thanks to its assets among which spirulina is found, we get some of the most interesting properties. Thanks to it we achieve that the appearance of the aged skin improves remarkably. If we also add the Amazonian oil of Sacha Inchi, that of Ricino, Sesame and Oliva we closed a perfect circle. Together, they give us skin that is free of irritations and scaling with a most elastic appearance. On the other hand, we also find Hyaluronic acid, La Chamomile, Blue Tansy oil and bergamot. This second group, no less important than the previous one, have a soothing, antibacterial and disinfectant effect. Therefore, this cleanser is the perfect complement to any cleansing and toning routine of the skin. Its aroma of earth, moss and nature will be very addictive! You will see. If you are concerned about what type of skins is indicated, that is no problem. It is valid for all types of skins thanks to its softness.

Usage tips

Its use is very simple. It will be enough with 2 times a day. A mandatory one is in the morning, since during the night accumulates impurities that do not allow to breathe the dermis. With this first cleaning to perfectly condition your skin for an entire day. The second cleaning should be at night. Having a clean and neat skin will allow the cells to oxygenate better and be prepared for cell renewal. With Green Shamman you will tone the skin to keep it young and soft.
Having said that, there is no doubt that we have found an ally in natural cosmetics certified with spirulina. Properties speak for themselves. In addition, with the push of their battle companions, make this cleaner a product of the most special. Do you dare to introduce spirulina in your life? Your skin will thank you!

Carla Rojas