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Take care of your skin on long plane trips

cuidar la piel en el avión

The importance of skin care on the plane

Travel can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. Make and unpack, discover new places … What a pleasure! Just thinking about it is already high. However, despite being an event that we look forward to, travel by plane usually causes a lot of stress. Queues and waiting can make us crazy. And I wish it was just that, but it’s just the beginning. Then there is the worst part: waiting in your place to reach the dream destination. All these changes of mood, atmosphere, humidity and height affect our skin directly. It seems a lie, but in the meantime it is easy to neglect it. Surely after some trip you have been told, “go weary face you wear,” or “have not you rested well?”, Is typical. In addition, the skin needs a few days to recover from so much movement and environment, so surely in the photos the skin will come out more opaque than normal. So, do not forget it! Taking care of the skin on the plane is no nonsense. The dermis will thank you greatly and you will get rid of the happy phrase of weariness.

Ami Iyök proposes to combat all the effects that can cause us the trips in the dermis with our Travel set. Thus, taking care of the skin on the plane will be a thing of sewing and singing. With travel set skin care on the plane is easy and practical Thanks to travel set you can dedicate to your skin the care you need. All products included in the pack have a maximum of 10ml, so you can take them on the plane without problems. Neither will you have dilemmas of space, because they occupy very little. In addition, each and every product retains the essence of high natural cosmetics under the “Slow Aging” philosophy. Our Travel Set is designed so that, even when away from home, you will be pampered and cared for.

Taking care of the skin on the plane has never been so easy, you want to know how?

First stage of the Travel set routine: Cleanse deeply

Green Shaman: Our facial cleanser cleanses, restores and detoxifies the skin in a gentle and non-irritating way. Its aroma is invigorating, so it helps to maintain well-being during the trip. Thanks to Spirulina, Sacha Inchi Oil, Ricino Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Acai, Blue Tansy, Chamomile and Bergamot you will clean your skin gently and without irritations. Without doubt, its properties, will help take care of the skin on the plane. Oceanik Mask: The purifying mask Oceanik cleans, purifies and absorbs the remaining impurities of the dermis. The Marine Muds and the Volcanic Clay that contains, clean and open the pores to eliminate imperfections and blackheads. On the other hand, Witch Hazel and Citrus Oils are astringent and protective of the skin. The result? A beautiful and oxygenated skin. Important point since, during the trips in airplane the dryness in the environment by the height and the air conditioning are evident.

Second stage of the travel set routine: Tonify

Hibistonic: The third step of the Travel set routine is the stimulation and toning of the skin for further treatments. Its ingredients, such as Hibiscus, Hamamelis, Ginkgo, Orange and Cinnamon will balance the Ph of your skin. In addition, being a tonic, it will help you take care of the skin on the plane giving you the most hydration you need.

Third stage of the Travel Set facial routine: Unify the tone and deeply hydrate

My Perfect Skin: With this facial serum, you will be able to colorize and unify the tone of your skin. Taking care of the skin on the plane with a comprehensive treatment had never been so simple. The light texture of MyPerfect Skin, will allow its absorption quickly, providing in turn a sensation of total freshness. Among the star ingredients of natural cosmetics we find Ginkgo Biloba, Rose of Mosqueta, Centella Asiática, Gingseng, among others. Iyök Balance: Finally here is the last step to get a hydrated and beautiful skin during the trip. Iyök Balance is a moisturizing and balancing skin cream. It acts by astringent areas with fat tendencies and deeply nourishing the driest areas. You will treat the signs of aging of the skin, as well as moisturize and nourish it deeply. Among its ingredients contains Macadamia Oil, Tahiti Monoi Oil, Sacha Inchi, among others.

With these 5 wonders you can take care of the skin on the plane without too many complications. Get into the travel set routine during your travels and leave behind dry, sloppy skin. At the end of each trip you will be told “wow, you’re cooler than a rose, how do you get it?”