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Oily skin is characterized by excess sebum on the face, especially in the T-zone, without implying the presence of acne although there is a certain tendency to this. We usually relate it to young skin, but today we find it increasingly in more mature skin because of stress, bad habits or hormonal medical treatments.

This pack is special for controlling sebum -excessive regulation on oily skin. It is a perfect combination of mattifying and astringent products to control the fat of the face, and at the same time provide hydration to control the fine lines and restore turgor to the skin without greasing.

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Green Shaman : The aqueous-based facial cleanser with biological and organic ingredients such as spirulina seaweed, hyaluronic acid, blue tansy or its surfactant vegetables from coconut. With its great antimicrobial and antiseptic power, it provides deep cleansing respecting the protective barrier of the skin.

My Perfect skin : The perfect serum to remove skin imperfections and nuance tone. Thanks to lemon and Aloe vera, they close the pores and restrict the fat areas. At the same time, ginseng and ginkgo biloba provide great antioxidant power for more energetic and rejuvenated skin.

Iyökbalance : A balancing cream that restricts the oilieslest areas of the skin and moisturizes the most dry areas, ideal for oily skin. It also contains active ingredients such as Macadamia Oil or Tahiti’s Monoi that provide a great antiaging effect, returning turgidity and elasticity to the skin.


Clean the face with warm water along with the Green Shaman cleaner, dry with a towel without dragging. Then we apply the my perfect skin serum all over the face, and to finish we apply the cream Iyökbalance. Perform the routine morning and night.


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