Dehydrated Skin Without Shine and With Photo-Aging Pack


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Today, because of the pace we carry it is more difficult for us to follow a good routine or habits such as drinking lots of water, eating healthy, taking care of the sun, etc. These factors are reflected in our face, with a duller, dehydrated face and with the most marked expression lines.

This pack is special to restore vitality to your skin, providing intense nutrition and hydration and acting against free radicals to help collagen synthesis, reinforcing barer function, essential for healthy skin.


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Green Shaman : The aqueous-based facial cleanser with biological and organic ingredients such as spirulina seaweed, hyaluronic acid, blue tansy or its surfactant vegetables from coconut. With its great antimicrobial and antioxidant power, it provides deep cleansing respecting and repairing the protective barrier of the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid so it is a plus as a treatment cleaner.

Exfonat: The exfoliator and cleanser to oxygenate the skin. It removes dead skincells, which cause imperfections and restores uniform tone to our face. Thanks to bamboo assets and micronized coconut shells, they provide exfoliation to aid cell regeneration and give vitality to your skin. The skin is prepared and willing to absorb active ingredients more effectively.

Kombunectar: Emulsifying balm as a night ultra-hydrating mask, helps regenerate the skin at night, which soothes and deflates to have radiant and vital skin in the morning. With its active Kombunectar antique, it nourishes and repairs the skin in depth, providing a great antiaging effect.

Slow liquid : Multifunction facial oil with a combination of the powerful antioxidant of coenzyme Q10 and nutritious oils such as Palo santo , Sancha Inchi , Dredger’s blood, among others, to protect and repair the lipid mantle, nourishing it in depth. It contains depigmenting actives such as Melacare oil for possible stains that appear on dull skin over time. It makes it a powerful ally against cellular aging.


Clean with warm water along with Green Shaman, drying with a towel with small touches on the face. Then apply a few drops of Slow liquid oil, morning and night.

Once a week, after cleansing with Green shaman, exfoliate the skin with Exfonat. Massage gently into the face and remove. We can take the opportunity to apply, also once a week, the Kombunectar night moisturizing mask. Leave on all night and retire with Green shaman in the morning.


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