Sensitive Skin with redness, Acne & Photo-Ageing Pack


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Skins that have acne and have spots? It is very common among skins with acne that produce darker spots after some small wound on the grain or because our skin is more sensitive and we have not protected ourselves well from the sun. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Our special pack for skins with acne and blemishes, is ideal to combat acne by protecting the microbiota present on the face and acting against external agents. And at the same time we act with depigmenting agents for the stains of our skin, and without forgetting the anti-aging effect.

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Green Shaman : The aqueous-based facial cleanser with organic and biological ingredients such as Spirulina, hyaluronic acid, blue tansy and surfactants from coconut-derived vegetables, which provide a deep cleansing without adding or irritating the lipid mantle and reinforcing the protective barrier of the skin.

Booster calm 360 : Ampoules to protect and keep the microbiota of the skin healthy, and thus avoid skin alterations such as acne. It stands out for the presence of prebiotics and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actives such as azelaic acid and methyl sulfide, for inflammation and redness of acne. Not forgetting the antioxidant and anti-glicant active Kombunectar, to combat aging.

Whitepro: Following the same line of Booster calm 360, these ampoules act on the microbiota of the face but has the main objective of acting against skin spots. With several depigmenting assets such as VitC (Ascorbyl glucoside), Skin bright active or Melacare oil, among others.

Dryskin oasis : Cream for very dry skin, with nutritious oils and antioxidant actives such as Sancha Inchi, Bamboo, Almond Oil and Vit E. They rebuild and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, providing elasticity and firmness.


Clean the face with Green Shaman, with warm water and dry with a towel without dragging it over your face. Next, we use Whitepro and Booster calm ampoules as serum. Apply Booster calm in the morning and Whitepro at night.

Finally apply Dryskin oasis nourishing cream. If we have very dry or mature skin, apply morning and night. Otherwise, only apply at night.


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