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Sensitive skin with spots pack

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High exposure to the sun, enhances the appearance of spots on the skin. This is because a high amount of melanin is stimulated that causes spots to appear instantly but also in the long term. Short-term anti-stain treatments are not always suitable for sensitive skin because of its low skin tolerance. Sensitive skin often reacts with irritation to depigmenting treatments and even a rebound effect occurs with the appearance of darker spots on the skin. This rebound effect occurs after daily ultraviolet exposure through indoor windows, daily walks etc.

The special pack for stains on sensitive skin, stands out for the application of depigmenting actives of high tolerance on sensitive skin and with a progressive effect against stains.


What does this pack include?

 Green Shaman + Whitepro


Green Shaman : The biological and organic facial cleanser, with ingredients with spirulina seaweed, hyaluronic acid, blue tansy and vegetable surfactants from coconut for a gentle cleansing, without irritating the skin. Respecting the protective barrier of the skin.

Whitepro : The ampoule that help keep the microbiota healthy from the skin and contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actives. But they have as their main objective the anti-stops action, thanks to their depigmenting assets such as VitC (Ascorbyl glucoside), Melacare oil, Skin bright active, azelaic acid , Niacinamide, arbutin, among others.


How to use it?

Start with a warm water cleaning with Green Shaman, drying with a towel with small touches on the face. Then use half ampoule of Whitepro in the morning, and the rest of the ampoule at night.

Green Shaman

Bio-Facial Cleanser Gel 

Facial cleanser for daily use without sulphates that cleanses, removes make-up, restores and detoxifies the skin, containing only organic ingredients in an oil-based gel.

Gently cleanses without irritating the skin, respecting its protective layer thanks to active ingredients such as the exotic micro-algae Spirulina, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and pigments that constitute an excellent active.

Whitepro – WARRIOR II

We launched the new line of MICROBIOTA SKINWARRIORSTM ampoules to care for, repair and maintain all the commensal microbiota that are in our skin. face. We realized that many times, skin conditions had a lot to do with the state of our microbiome. For this reason, we decided to create solutions to specific concerns, all with one thing in common: to benefit the commensal bacteria, to make them stronger and maintain a healthy skin and a clear action Slow Ageing, with assets to prevent and care for the premature aging of the skin.


Our second release within the MICROBIOTA SKINWARRIORS range is WHITEPRO, specific for skins with spots due to various causes, especially for photoaging. Skin hyperpigmentation is the result of an increase in melanin in melanocytes or an increase in melanocytes when the skin is exposed to the sun, as they act as protection against UV rays that have very harmful effects on the skin. It can also be produced by certain medications such as phenothiazines or antimalarials. One of the main enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of melanin is the tyrosinase enzyme, in which act most of the depigmenting agents such as Skin Bright active or Melacare, characteristic of Ami Iyök. WHITEPRO, following the same line SKINWARRIOR, also contains prebiotics and other ingredients that protect the natural microflora existing in our skin and isolate it from external agents. It combats the inflammatory processes of the skin, without neglecting the anti-aging action thanks to its anti-glycation and anti-oxidant active ingredients such as Kombu Nectar TM with its own patent and efficiency test studies. Its main objective is to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme to combat skin spots and depigment. WHITEPRO Benefits:
  • Great depigmenting effect for skin stained
  • Antioxidant against free radicals
  • Regenerative collagen capacity
  • Lighten the tone by giving a uniformity
  • Inflammatory
  • Source of probiotics
  • Restores the protective watercress of the skin
  • Promotes the formation of ceramides
  • Firmer, softer skin
  • Wrinkle
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