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Mixed skin pack

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Mixed skin is one of the most common skins. The T-zone has an oily tendency, especially if we apply some very dense product, but the sides tend to be drier. That makes it harder to find a good facial routine.

This pack is specially designed for mixed skin, restricted the most oily areas and prevent it from passing into oily skin, but moisturize those drier areas to achieve a homogeneous tone on the face.


What does this pack include?

 Green Shaman + Iyökbalance + oceanicmask


Green Shaman : Aqueous-based organic and biological facial cleanser with ingredients such as Spirulina, hyaluronic acid, blue tansy and surfactant vegetables from coconut. Cleans thoroughly, respecting the protective barrier of the skin. Without irritating or attacking the skin’s natural hydrolipidic mantle.

Iyökbalance: Balancing cream ideal for mixed skin, balances the pH of the skin and it astrings the oily areas of the T area, and moisturizes the most dry areas thanks to Aloe vera and macadamia oil. It also contains active ingredients such as Tahiti’s Monoi that provide a great nutritional effect, returning turgidity and elasticity to the skin. Technological assets such as  Tens up and Argireline hexapeptide for an effective  anti-ageing effect. Matte and smooth finish on the skin.

Oceanicmask : Purifying mask based on active biological marine sludge and volcanic clay, which detoxify the skin and activate skin circulation. They provide deep nutrition and intensely regenerate the skin of the face. Cleansing and chelating action.


How to use it ?

Clean the face with warm water with Green shaman, dry with a towel giving small touches. Then apply the balancing cream Iyökbalance morning and night.

Apply, after cleaning, the Oceanic Mask for 10 min, once a week. And remove the product with warm water.

Green Shaman

Bio-Facial Cleanser Gel 

Facial cleanser for daily use without sulphates that cleanses, removes make-up, restores and detoxifies the skin, containing only organic ingredients in an oil-based gel.

Gently cleanses without irritating the skin, respecting its protective layer thanks to active ingredients such as the exotic micro-algae Spirulina, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and pigments that constitute an excellent active.


Balancing Face Cream

Our cream for combination-oily skin types is designed to balance the skin's pH level, producing an astringent effect on oil-prone areas and deeply nourishing the driest areas, thereby restoring the skin's homogeneity. This is achieved through the combination of Aloe Vera, a powerful astringent and skin balancer.

Oceanik Mask

Purifying mask

Our mask is formulated to purify, regenerate, nourish and oxygenate skin, as well as to restore skin tone. The active ingredients from the ocean and the land afford a series of unique properties.

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