Ami Iyok

Beauty Facial Cups


On the occasion of our fifth anniversary and coinciding with Christmas, we present this small and useful utensil for anti-aging facial massage, The Beauty Facial Cups by Ami Iyök!

What benefit do we get from the Cupping facial?

The effects produced by the facial cupping can have several aesthetic benefits that work on both dry skin and  oily skin.

  • A better nutrition of the dermis that is reflected in a skin that looks younger and brighter.
  • Any beauty product used after treatment is better absorbed and more effective.
  • The lifting movement reduces fine lines, wrinkles and visible scars due to injuries or acne. The skin also looks fuller. In addition, the connecting fabric under the facial skin is stimulated to heal and reduce the lines of the smile and laughter.
  • Massage movements help relax tense facial muscles that result in a younger, softer appearance. Its use confers a beautiful and natural volume and blush to instant skin.
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How to use the Beauty Facial Cups?

It is very important not to have traces of makeup and to have very clean skin. So we recommend a good double cleaning before starting (Kombu Nectar + Green Shaman) to use the Beauty Facial Cups. Then, lubricate with an oil suitable for each type of skin so that they slide better. Slow Liquid is a very good option, since it is suitable for all skin types and at the same time that we make the treatment we are already benefiting from all its assets. A small massage is done to distribute the oil well and activate the circulation a little. That’s when you can start using the Cups. It can be used in a specific place by vacuuming the suction cup or sliding through the skin.



  • Do not use the Facial Cups with makeup.
  • Always on clean and lubricated skin.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water before and after treatment.
  • It is recommended for the hydration and elimination of toxins from the body. If you see that the skin reddens, it is normal.
  • We are activating the microcirculation and the blood is rising to the surface. In a few minutes or a few hours (it will depend on each skin and the time spent) it will disappear.

It is important to use Cups designed for facial massage and use them correctly to avoid bruising. The use of suction cups can be a very effective solution for the signs of aging

  1. Wash the face beforehand so that there are no traces of makeup with double cleaning Kombu Nectar + Green Shaman.
  2. Apply a few drops of Slow Liquid in front, cheekbones, nasogeneano, upper lip and chin.
  3. Squeeze the suction cup so that it sucks the skin as much as possible and release slowly as we slide in the directions indicated according to the instructions.
  4. In the area around the eyes use the suction cup of smaller size and make small suction strokes without dragging.
  5. Repeating all movements for two minutes once a day before bedtime or before makeup will achieve a beautiful and natural blush to the skin and volume to the lips, in addition to benefit more effectively from the multiple properties of Slow Liquid