Ami Iyok



At last, you can enjoy your Ami Iyök organic products wherever you go!

This practical trip kit has everything to enjoy your Ami Iyök’s organic favorite products when you are not at home. This packaging is thought to make easier to you the movement of your facial care products in a beautiful recyclable and reusable toilet-case


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The products of your Slow Ageing routine are present in mini format to enjoy them in any corner of the world, from the

Amazonian Forest up to the Mediterranean.

We have the size in mind to respect the air procedure of safety in order you could take them when you travel by plane.

What does contain the new Ami Iyök´s Travel kit?

The Ami Iyök’s Travel kit contains 5 mini-heights of 5 and 10ml with the necessary products for a complete Slow Ageing routine.

  • Green Shaman, Bio- facial cleanser
    Gently cleanses without sulphates. Suitable for all skin types. Contains Antiage actives as the superfood Spirulina algae and hyaluronic acid.
  • Oceanik Mask, Purifying mask
    Powerful cleanliness in only 3 minutes of pollutants with clay and marine muds.
  • Hibistonic, Hydrating toner
    Restores pH. Contains Hibiscus echo and Ginkgo Biloba for a complete Slow Ageing action
  • My Perfect Skin, Mattifying & unifying serum
    Perfect to treat the age signs and to take care of the skins sheens. Great antioxidan power.
  • Iyök Balance, Balancing cream antiaging & antiwrinkle
    With technological assets like the Tens Up, the argireline and the hyaluronic acid. Specially indicated for mixed and oily skins.

Which is the presentation?

In a toilet-case of washable reusable paper. Tubes of 5 or 10ml depending on the product.