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My Pet Soap

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Exotic Verbena & Neem Sensation

Philippe is a little greyhound, rescued from a small village in Castile-La Mancha, whose former owners somehow decided he was no longer of use as a hunting aid or as a pet, and without thinking beyond that, abandoned him. He came to Barcelona with serious desquamation, ticks and gunshot wounds.

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Following months of intense rehabilitation, we thought of producing a soap that would not irritate his natural protective layer and would give him a feeling of well-being, as well as protect him against insects like the dreaded sandfly, which so often lurks in the Mediterranean area, and fleas and ticks.

For this reason, using a veterinary formula and with the utmost respect for the pH level, Ami Iyök launches its natural dog soap on the market, enriched with Lavender Oil and Lemon Balm, a natural insect repellent that will protect your pet from any unwanted insect during those long walks in the mountains or in your city park.

Today, Philippe is a happy, strong and healthy dog!

Apply the shampoo onto wet hair, massaging it into a rich lather, and rinse. Suitable for cats and dogs.


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