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Preparing the skin for the summer. How to get a uniform tan?

preparar la piel para verano

Summer has almost arrived and in what way! It seems that he is determined to enter through the big door. If in June we are living these very high temperatures, I do not know what will become of us in August. What we do know and we are very clear is that summer 2017 is coming very strong and will leave a mark. The pools and the beaches will not fill with so much towel here and there. With the star king in its maximum splendor, preparing the skin for the summer is not something that we have to take lightly. Long exposures to the sun along with our oversights can cause unwanted results on our skin. So, a good hydration along with an exfoliation and minimal care can make the difference. How to get it? Very easy. Natural cosmetics can be your great ally for this summer. If you are looking for healthy skin with a uniform tan without blemishes, you are in the right place. Pay attention to the following healthy habits to take a uniform and natural tan with natural AmiIyök cosmetics.

The power of natural cosmetics on your skin. Preparing the skin for the summer

As we have said in previous publications, the skin is a very sensitive organ that responds immediately to any aggression. Starting from this base, we faithfully believe that we must give it all the importance it deserves. Not only to achieve a uniform and beautiful tan, but also to be healthy and not harm us. Without a doubt, preparing the skin for the summer with our natural cosmetics will be simple and effective. Here we go!

STEP 1: Exfoliation thoroughly

The exfoliation manages to stimulate the natural oxygenation of the skin and it carries with it residues that could have been deposited in the same one. In this way, any type of cream that we put later, will be absorbed more effectively. And not only that, but the tan gets more uniform thanks to the cleansing of the dermis. With our EXFONAT natural scrub you will achieve all of the above points. Bamboo, coconut shell, lemon Sacha Inchi oil, olive oil and mint will work for you. All these assets aim to wake up and take care of your skin in a healthy and respectful way.

STEP 2: Moisturizing the skin

Preparing the skin for the summer also requires awareness. We can not go crazy by sunbathing. It is necessary to respect the hours in which it is better to avoid it and to use an efficient cream (to be able with mineral filters). After this important point and to spend a pleasant day sunbathing, it is necessary to moisturize the skin properly. For this we recommend our BODY BUTTER intensive body moisturizer. The combination of Sacha Inchi, Olive Oil, Soy, Citrus Oils, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter will enchant you. They provide soothing and nutritious qualities by moisturizing your skin in depth. Thus, the highest natural cosmetics help you take care of your dermis quickly and easily. We recommend applying it after the shower.

Step 3 Skin Repair

Sweating and long exposures to the sun cause a loss of elasticity of the dermal tissues. As a result, wrinkles and spots can make a stellar appearance on the skin. To control this, our mattifying and unifying facial serum MY PERFECT SKIN can help you a lot. Your goal is to close the open pores and return the smoothness to achieve a healthy appearance. Its composition based on rosehip, gingkobiloba, sacha inchi oil, ginseng, aloe Vera, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid, among others is very complete. A whole pump of assets in very high concentrations to cover the needs of the skin.
Do not forget, that preparing the skin for the summer also involves using the right products. If you are looking for an anti-wrinkle cream to improve the signs of aging and unify the dermis, we have the solution. Depending on the type of skin you can choose one or another option. The IYÖKBALANCE equilibrating facial cream, is designed for mixed-fats skins. It nourishes in depth the drier areas and balances the fat zones with Aloe Vera as its main ingredient. The second option is the easy anti-aging cream DRYSKIN-OASIS. Designed for dry skin, it also manages to nourish in depth and returns elasticity.
With these simple steps, preparing the skin for the summer is a matter of sewing and singing. As the years go by, getting the ideal tan with a healthy look is more difficult. So, we can not forget that the exfoliation, hydration and repair of the skin are essential. In this way, you will get a unified tan without spots or imperfections.
Do you aim for our natural “slow ageing” hand cosmetics to get the ideal tan?