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Prepare the skin for a makeup session with natural cosmetics

preparar la piel cosmetica natural

For a perfect finish you no longer need help, natural cosmetics works for you

One of the most important steps to show off a pretty makeup is to prepare the skin in a proper way. It does not take much effort to finish the makeup if our skin is not clever enough. Natural cosmetics offer you the opportunity to care for and protect your skin as healthy as possible. We have enough to apply makeup products that already contain harmful substances and heavy for our skin. Therefore, pampering and preparing our skin naturally for a subsequent makeup session is essential. Even professional makeup artists, knowing of the silicones that contain their products, use natural cosmetics to prepare the skin. And is that, in addition to showing a skin care, you will be nourishing, moisturizing and trying deeply.
Best of all is that preparing the skin for a makeup session is no longer solely in the hands of professionals. You can also achieve a perfect finish thanks to the natural cosmetics of Ami Iyök. How can you get it? Watch out, here we give you the tricks and steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Prepare the skin with natural cosmetics

To clean your skin deeply and respecting your complexion, it is necessary to use a cleaner that meets expectations. Our GREEN SHAMAN cleanser will prepare the skin and clean it in a gentle and respectful, non-irritating way. Our facial cleanser contains no soaps or sulfates. It prepares the skin, restores and detoxifies your skin with ingredients of biological origin in an oily gel base. Among its assets you can find Spirulina, Sacha Inchi Oil, Ricino Oil, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Acai, Blue Tansy, Camomile and Bergamot. These help prevent skin aging, as they moisturize and promote cell renewal. Let yourself be enveloped by a scent of earth, moss and nature with a medicinal and addictive touch.
GREEN SHAMAN contains 100 ml of the most effective natural cosmetic product. To apply it correctly and prepare the skin you must moisten a muslin or cotton with the product. Then gently massage your face and massage it. You should note that GREEN SHAMAN is not a make-up remover. Therefore, if you have traces of makeup on your skin, remove it with pure coconut oil previously.
Once you have cleaned, you must prepare the skin with the day cream for mixed skins IYÖK BALANCE. Our cream balances and astringens areas with a tendency to fat, absorbing excess of it. On the other hand, it moisturizes and nourishes the drier areas, giving back to the face homogeneity. Among the main assets of natural cosmetics you will find Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and Sacha Inchi. IYÖK BALANCE restructures and strengthens the skin thanks to the vegetal tension “botox light”, reducing the lines of expression.
You can apply the cream daily on the face dry and contrary to the wrinkles, massaging the area firmly. A sweet and exotic aroma will take over the moment, making it a sensorial experience.

Step 2: Emulsify make-up and enrich it

Natural cosmetics not only serve to prepare your skin effectively before a good make-up session. You can also use our products even when you are putting on makeup. SLOW LIQUID facial oil can be used together with your usual makeup, enriching it with a few drops of the product. Preparing the skin to fill it with a few touches of SLOW LIQUID will make a difference. This product is formulated to restructure the deeper layers of the skin, depigmenting the spots and providing luminosity. One of the highlights is that, through its continued use, you will achieve firmness to the skin. SLOW LIQUID is a multitasking oil with 20 active oils and Amazonian resins. In addition, it contains technological assets such as Melacare or coenzyme Q10, great allies of natural cosmetics.
Our oil is absorbed quickly, illuminating your skin immediately. Its exotic and intense aroma will manage to transport your mind to a higher level of relaxation.

Step 3: Fix makeup with natural cosmetics

The last step of the routine “preparing the skin for a make-up session” comes from the hand of HIBISTONIC. To fix the makeup and its finish, you can apply our organic antioxidant tonic. With it you will give your face a matte effect while being juicy. Among its natural assets you will find Hibiscus, Hamamelis, Ginko, Orange and Cinnamon that will help you to tone your skin and rejuvenate it. Thanks to its spray applicator, this step is very easy as well as refreshing. Simply apply the product directly on the makeup. Its fresh woody smell will transport you from full to The wildest nature with a nice toning feeling. You know, the best way to wear makeup, whether on special occasions or daily, is to take care of your skin. If you give her the best natural cosmetics, she will know how to compensate you. Preparing the skin and getting a perfect makeup finish is possible as long as you devote a little of your time. Do you dare to make your skin look radiant?

Sabrina Rojas.

Foto de @susanaxsanchez (hair and make up Artist)

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