Philosophy - Ami Iyok

Ami Iyok



The brand has its origin and inspiration in the depths of the jungle of Costa Rica, where inhabits the ethnic group Bribrí, of the few that remain and to which the brand owes its name, of the few who even today take advantage of natural resources as beauty treatments respecting his “mother earth’, his Ami Iyök, that’s what they call him.

Ami Iyök is a natural and organic cosmetics concept certified with Slow Ageing philosophy in which biological assets combined with the highest research in dermocosmetics result in demonstrably effective products.

Cosmetics, design and technology are three fundamental pillars of the brand, created from honesty and respect for the environment and people.

Ami Iyök works with great natural resources from around the world known for its magnificent dermatological properties, from the most exotic Sacha Inchi Amazonian oil to certified organic Mediterranean olive oil among other natural assets.

The use of Hyaluronic Acid of certified vegetable fermentation, and low molecular weight, together with Argireline and Tens’UP, Lipout, Kombunectar TM among other 80 active assets, are perfectly combined to create cosmeceuticals suitable for intensive treatments with proven efficacy tests in their ingredients and in final product.