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Natural scrub, Get ready for the summer!

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Know the secrets to protect your tan through natural cosmetics

Our skin is a very sensitive organ that responds immediately to all kinds of external aggressions. Now that summer is just around the corner and we are leaving behind clothing, it is vital to prepare it with the latest advances in natural cosmetics. Because, who does not want to wear a dreamy skin and tan? If we make the mistake of not paying enough attention during the whole year, sooner or later the consequences will be seen. Therefore, we must take care of our epidermis in winter and summer. However, the summer season is a time of special sun exposure so the use of a natural scrub that lives up to the circumstances is of vital importance. Natural cosmetics can be our best ally against spots, wrinkles and unwanted burns.

If we trust in it, we can avoid that unpleasant moment in which we put our hands to the head to see the unpleasant results that can cause not to take care of properly.
Therefore, acquiring healthy habits for our complexion can make a big difference in your appearance. For these same reasons, using a natural exfoliant on our face at least once a week helps release the dead cells thanks to the deep cleansing it performs. This simple step is essential if you want to get a uniform, renewed and beautiful skin. If during this winter You have not cared enough, quiet. You still have time to get the desired effect. Our recommendation for it? Sign up for natural cosmetics with Exfonat.

EXFONAT natural scrub: purification and deep cleansing

Our natural and mechanical scrub stimulates the natural oxygenation of the skin and provides a smooth and effective exfoliation. In this way, we managed to suppress the outermost layers of the skin allowing the penetration of all the assets found in its brilliant formulation based on natural cosmetics. You will feel like bamboo, coconut shell, lemon, Sacha Inchi oil, olive oil and mint activate all your senses immediately. Under the philosophy of “slowageing”, our natural exfoliator will watch to awaken, care and protect your skin in an environmentally friendly way.
Thus, the natural and ecological cosmetics of AmiIyök work tirelessly to offer you a feeling of cleanness and softness with a pleasant refreshing effect that activates all the senses.


How to use Exfonat? The natural exfoliant that needs your skin

The application is very simple. With the skin previously moistened, you must apply and rub with the hands or with the help of a sponge very softly. Then, make circular movements with your fingertips to extend the product. Remove the natural scrub with warm water and then apply plenty of cold water to close the pores. Do not let it act for more than 10 minutes. You should repeat the exfoliation process at least once a week. In case your skin is very fat, there is no problem. This natural cosmetic product will help you deepen the cleansing of your dermis. For this, we recommend repeating the procedure twice a week or more depending on your need.
Do not forget, natural cosmetics will be your best ally to make the skin look radiant. Using natural exfoliating along with healthy patterns will be a great change for the care of your dermis. In addition, using good sun protection (mineral filters of 50 SPF), makeup with sun protection included, avoiding overexposure to the sun and drinking lots of water is very important to reinforce the results. If we add the benefits of natural cosmetics, we will make our skin look perfect all year round. Because undoubtedly, the best complement we can take is nice, healthy and renewed unatez.
Do not miss the most current natural cosmetics and add to your daily routine the Exfonat natural scrub. You will achieve a deep cleansing returning to your skin all the desired luminosity. Enjoy the endless summer days of the hand of Ami Iyök.
Carla Rojas.