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Natural Pet Soap: My Pet Soap. How to care for the pampered in your home with natural cosmetics!

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Phillippe and the inspiration to create a natural soap for pets

Those who have ever had a pet, we know that is not simply that, but much more. Our dogs and cats are there whenever we need them. We are mourned the mornings, the nights and the whole days. To play with them is to be a child again and believe us, many times it is not an easy task, but they do. With just a look we can know what they want and they want what we want. We speak to them without need of words, without excuses or prejudices, it is enough to speak with the heart. How could we not think of them in Ami Iyök? And is that all the joy that our dogs and cats give us, has to be rewarded. The creation of natural pet soap is undoubtedly much more than a simple soap.
The inspiration for creating the natural pet soap was Phillippe. Our greyhound was recovered from a small village in Castilla la Mancha. We all know that the greyhound is a very suffering breed in our country. Many of them are used without compassion as game animals. Once they have fulfilled their work, most are killed or abandoned to their fate. This was Phillippe’s case. When he was brought to Barcelona, ​​he suffered serious problems with skin peeling, ticks and even bullet wounds. When we see him, we fall in love with him and with his kind and tender look. After long months of rehabilitation, we thought that it only deserved to receive pampering and care. From there came the idea of ​​making a natural pet soap that protects your skin with healthy natural ingredients.

Your pet and natural cosmetics go hand in hand thanks to the natural pet soap My Pet Soap

My Pet Soap is a natural pet soap that is designed and made to protect the natural protective coat of dogs and cats. The goal is to take care of them without harming your skin and, in turn, cause them a feeling of well-being. Turn bath time into a moment of maximum relaxation and comfort for them. But not only that, our My Pet Soap natural pet soap protects against insects. Thanks to natural ingredients of the highest quality, it prevents the attack of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, like the Flebotomus. The latter is a major threat in the Mediterranean area, being the transmitter of canine leishmaniasis.
The “My Pet Soap” natural pet soap contains Olive Oil, Neem Extract and Exotic Verbena Oil. These top quality natural ingredients provide a moisturizing, restorative and protective effect of your pet’s natural lipid layer. In addition, they are collected in our own plantations in Mombrio del Camp. All our raw material complies with the most rigorous process of seeding irrigated and collected, certified by Natrue. Also, natural pet soap is formulated without anionic surfactants, PEGs or parabens, neither formaldehyde nor phenols. In this way, we try to take care of your pet in a natural and conscious way.

How to use our pet soap My Pet Soap?

In the summer-spring season to apply pipettes against fleas and ticks is essential, as they protect them from unwanted infestations. Pipettes should always be applied to dry hair. So, remember to bathe your pet beforehand, because if the bathes later, the pipette will go with the water and soap. This step is fundamental in the care of your dog or cat.
To use our natural pet soap effectively, you must first moisten your hair thoroughly. Then apply about 50 ml of the soap on the back of the animal and spread throughout the body. Rub it gently but firmly so that it penetrates to the base of the skin. Finally, rinse with plenty of warm water.
Ami Iyök’s natural pet soap is much more than just a soap. It is a product that claims messages on non-hunting and animal rights. We faithfully believe that we must be the voice of those who do not. That’s why we want natural cosmetics to be the gift for your pet. Take care of your puppy or kitten as it deserves, we will help you to pamper it in the most natural way.