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Natural Facial Cleanser: The First Step to a “Slow Ageing” Routine

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The importance of using a good natural facial cleanser

Many times, we are not aware of how exposed our skin is. That if whole days to the sun, that if the pollution, the makeup … are factors that affect to him of direct way. To obtain a luminous skin, youthful and with a healthy aspect, it is imperative to take care of it and to pamper it with a few cares. Regardless of the situation with your skin, there are certain recommendations that can be applied to any case. Which are? Very simple. With a natural facial cleanser, a toner and good hydration, you can achieve wonders.

Today we will focus on the very first first step to take care of our skin. Under the philosophy of “Slow aging” we seek to care and revitalize the dermis to prevent premature aging of it. And for this, the use of a natural facial cleanser, is indispensable. With it, we will achieve that the undesirable bars or blackheads disappear smoothly and without irritating the skin. Stay with us to see how our natural facial cleanser can help you.

Green Shamman. The natural facial bio-cleanser gel.

Our natural daily cleanser is suitable for all types of skin since it cleans thoroughly without attacking the dermis. With a free formulation of soaps and sulfates, it cleans, removes, repairs and detoxifies the skin. The first stage of any facial routine should include a product of these characteristics to optimize the treatments that are applied later. Our recommendation and strong bet is without a doubt Green Shamman. This natural facial cleanser is able to respect the protective layer of the skin thanks to the numerous assets it contains. The spirulina microalga gives it firming properties thanks to its composition rich in amino acids and vitamins. In addition, the Amazonian oil Sacha Inchi possesses very high amounts of Omega 3, 6 and 9 with a great antioxidant power.

On the other hand, the oils of Ricino, sesame and olive prevent peeling by contributing to the skin hydration, elasticity and an anti-aging action. But the properties of this natural facial cleanser does not end here. The presence of Hyaluronic acid in the formulation achieves an extra elasticity and hydration effect.

Açai berries manage to combat premature aging, nourishes and improves the tone. And it goes on and on! Also contains Camomile and Blue Tansy essential oil. Together they form a perfect anti-inflammatory with calming effect.

Finally, and closing this powerful formula, we find the no less important Bergamot. With a great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory power it manages to complement this deep cleansing for optimal and effective results. Its continued use will help prevent and treat premature aging of the skin.

With its soft gel texture and addictive, you can feel an enveloping scent of earth, moss and nature. A unique synergy that helps increase the well-being of our mind and our body.

How to use the Green Shamman natural facial cleanser?

As we have said before, the natural facial cleanser is always the first phase of any beauty ritual. So from Ami Iyök, we recommend its use 2 times a day. The first must be in the morning. The excess fat that accumulates in the dermis throughout the night prevents our pores from breathing freely. This first morning cleaning will make the skin prepare for a day of the most active.

The second cleaning, as you imagine, should be at night. While we sleep our cells receive more oxygen and prepare for renewal. Having the complexion clean, facilitates the regeneration of the tissues. Hence the importance of a good cleaning. In addition, the use of the Green Shamman natural facial cleanser is very simple. All you have to do is, with the face previously moistened, apply by making small circles around the face.

After this, it will only become abundantly clear with water. This way you will make your skin look clean, without irritations or impurities of any kind. Prepared so that all the assets that are in creams, tonics and makeup do their work freely.

Do not forget, if you get to apply to your daily routine some small habits of beauty for your skin, you will notice the difference. With Green Shamman natural facial cleanser we have given you the first and very important brushstroke to get a radiant skin. However, always keep in mind that the toning and hydration specific to your skin have a great relevance in the final result. Combining these factors will undoubtedly make the skin speak for itself. If you are looking for a combination of organic, natural and your body, the whole line of Ami Iyök is made for you.

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