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Is it possible to have oily and dehydrated skin? Yes! And in this post we tell you. We also have the perfect product for you: Age Combat.

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What is dehydrated skin?

Many of us have always associated or confused dry skin with dehydrated skin but they are different concepts that sometimes go hand in hand or separately. In fact a dehydrated skin can occur in all skin types, dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin.

This condition on the skin is temporary and can appear due to internal dehydration, lack of water, stress, smoking etc, it is temporary and should be solved quickly with healthy habits and an adequate cosmetic regimen.

How can I  detect that my skin is dehydrated?

There are two key variants in detecting dehydration: turgidity and lipid secretion in the skin.

Turgidity is the ability of the skin to recover its anterior shape after subjecting the face to a sudden change of expression as a wink for several seconds in or the deep frown of the forehead. The momentary expression wrinkles caused should return to their smooth state immediately. When there is dehydration, this does not happen.

Sometimes oily skin, with an excess of lipid secretion, enters a loop of continuous dehydration created by ourselves, by a misconception and misuse of cosmetic guidelines. We tend to increase the use of astringent cleansers to eliminate fat, and reduce the use of moisturizers thinking that this way we will get the right balance that we look for in the skin, but really what we achieve is dehydrate it, alter the barrier function and saturate the skin even more, being this unable to absorb even any extra lipid that we try to provide.

How can we fix it?

With the new AGE COMBAT ampoules, we break the myth that oily skin should not be hydrated, since deep hydration does not have to be linked to the use of products with a greasy texture. Nor does oily skin imply having healthy and hydrated skin, what’s more, it’s quite common to have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time. Our ampoules have a formula of non-greasy texture, of very fast absorption that leaves a matte and uniform finish but provide a deep hydration.

Therefore, AGE COMBAT is ideal for all skin types but especially for those dehydrated oily skin. Our formula hydrates in depth without shine and acts in a respectful and gradual way against the signs of aging. It is also tested on sensitive skin with spectacular results so it is suitable for skin that reacts easily to many anti-aging treatments.

Dry earth , simulating dehydrated and cracked skin

What assets does AGE COMBAT- WARRIOR III contain?

Age Combat  is a formula composed of active ingredients with great anti-aging effect, thanks to  its high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, which act against free radicals so that they do not alter the elements that make up the skin and prevent them from inhibiting the formation of collagen. The ingredients come together in an ideal synergy to act against all the aggressions of the day to day and the passage of time, such as loss of turgidity, lines of expression, dehydration, loss of luminosity etc. For all skin types, since it has a great tolerance, but we highlight dehydrated oily skin because it moisturizes in depth without greasing the skin and respecting the lipid and protective barrier.

Antioxidants, anti-aging and Exfoliating

Backuchiol is the star ingredient of AGE COMBAT ampoules. It is an equivalent and a natural alternative to retinol,as it does not present its side effects. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, specific to combat acne and shine on dehydrated oily skin. It is also a great antioxidant, which stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration providing great hydration and homogeneity in the face.

Among other antioxidants we find phytic acid,  very similar to glycolic acid but milder and with much more tolerance. It provides hydration in the deepest layers, providing luminosity to the duller skin. It also has an important action on oily skin, helps regulate sebum and avoid blackheads and refines pores. It can be used by sensitive skin, with aging and acne scars, since it performs light and respectful exfoliations.

Also, a variety of vitamins with great antioxidant power such as the stable form of Vit C (Ascorbyl glucoside)and vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), the perfect combination for deep hydration while reducing the enlarged pores of oily skin.

And finally, we have the presence of bisabolol with great soothing and anti-inflammatory power, and  hyaluronic acid that has a great water retention capacity on the face.

Barrier function and protectors

Prebiotic actives, as we have already highlighted, are essential to keep healthy and increase the growth, metabolism of the skin microbiota. And so we prevent the appearance of the signs of oily skin and keep the face under control.

The B glucan and the inulin and fructose complex, remain the same as in the rest of Microbiota  Skinwarrior products, but in the AGE COMBAT ampoules we add an extra touch: The active Biotics Tech, a complex of Lactobacilus  reuteri and Lactobacilus platrum, which retain the properties of the probiotic matrix acting as antioxidants, and restoring the skin’s defenses.


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