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The importance of toning the skin

Why toning the skin is beneficial for our dermis?

At this stage of the party we know that, in order to achieve a luminous, youthful and healthy looking skin, it is imperative to take care of and pamper it. Regardless of the situation with your skin, there are certain steps in any cleaning routine that is convenient to follow.
In our case, through our complete line “Slow aging” we seek to care and revitalize the dermis to avoid premature aging of it. To achieve this, we must keep in mind that the care of the dermis begins with the cleansing of the skin. Thus, we make sure to eliminate any type of impurity that can accumulate. For this, the use of a toner for the skin is very important. With it, we can return the physiological PH of the skin that can be altered during the previous cleansing of the skin. Stay with us to see how our natural HIBISTONIC facial tonic can help tone the skin.

“Tonifying the skin and revitalizing it is an essential step for any skin cleansing ritual”

HIBISTONIC. Antioxidant moisturizing facial tonic

Hibistonic facial tonic represents the second step of the daily cleaning routine. The high levels of antioxidants provided by the combination of Witch Hazel, Orange, Cinnamon and Ginkgo Biloba are incredible. Together, they help decrease the negative effects of free radicals on the dermis and improve microcirculation. In addition, this synergy of components binds Hibiscus-eco inhibits the degradation of elastin favoring the elasticity of the dermis. As a result it is a soft and visibly refreshed skin, delaying the premature aging of the skin caused by external and internal agents.
With its captivating aqueous solution, you can feel an enveloping aroma of forest and nature. A unique synergy that helps increase the well-being of our mind and our body toning our skin and preparing it for a later hydration.

How to use Hibistonic to tone the skin

After you have applied a good cleaner for a few minutes and have rinsed it with water, the second stage begins: toning. Its application is very simple and you only need a few seconds. Simply apply the product directly after cleansing to tone and stimulate the dermis. Preferably twice a day (morning and evening). In this way and as we have said before, we prepare the skin for later treatments returning the PH physiological. You will make your skin look clean, without irritations or impurities of any kind. Prepared so that all the assets that are in creams, tonics and makeup do their work freely.
Do not forget, if you get to apply to your daily routine some small beauty habits for your skin, you will notice the difference. With Hibistonic’s natural moisturizing facial tonic, you’ll follow the beauty routine to tone the skin. However, always keep in mind that the cleansing and hydration specific to your skin have a great relevance in the final result. Combining these factors will undoubtedly make the skin speak for itself. If you are looking for a combination of organic, natural and your body, the whole line “Slow aging” AmiIyök is made for you. A line that seeks to achieve unique treatments that deal from all possible angles with natural assets and certificates.

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