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Iyök Balance Ami Iyök cosmética natural


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Photoshop Oil Ami Iyök

Photoshop Oil

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Slow Liquid aceite facial Ami Iyök top

Slow Liquid

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Kombu Nectar Bodegón

Kombu Nectar

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Ami Iyök ecosmetics is a certified natural cosmetics brand, always with nature and environmental awareness as a reference. Ami Iyök is two different lines of advanced organic cosmetics with the guarantee that all ingredients and formulas comply with the strictest quality standards throughout the traceability of the product.


The ecosmetics line is about natural cosmetics endorsed by laboratories with more than 20 years of experience and audited each year by the external international entities Natrue and Ecocontrol. All our certified eco-methics formulas are free of GMOs, petroleum derivatives or any asset that has not been extracted under a process that respects the properties of the raw materials, or irradiated. Most of our ingredients are 100% natural origin and organic culture controlled by Ecocontrol BDIH along with NATRUE certification.


With the Microbiota Skinwarriors line the brand premieres in the world of microbiome-friendly treatment blisters, the most advanced line of organic cosmetics, based on microbiome science.

Alterations in the skin barrier due to hormonal changes, immune factors, aggressive medical treatments or even stress modify the composition of the skin microbiome, and this has been related to skin health and the presence or aggravation of skin diseases such as acne, rosacea, allergies, eczema, or even the process of skin aging.
Each product of the line focuses on a specific target according to the skin condition (rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation.), but the whole line pursues a single objective in common: create a biocompatible barrier with the skin and protect the existing microflora, isolating it from external agents and promote the appearance of good bacteria, optimizing the immune response of the skin.


With cutting-edge effectiveness and combining natural ingredients and technological assets, the brand gives rise to formulas that protect against cellular stress by slowing down the signs of skin aging. Natural cosmetics with efficacy tests that support it, and vindicating the Slow Ageing philosophy: caring for the skin early with certified organic cosmetics and good life habits to look younger and more radiant skin for longer.

Always in the tireless search for natural ingredients, unique to achieve unique and effective formulas. Among these assets are oils, extracts and precious vegetable resins that come from the depths of the Amazon rainforest among others, as well as technological assets with proven efficacy test and own patent as Kombunectar ® to result in high performance natural cosmetics for the skin.


Ami Iyök presents its products in an eco-friendly poplar wood packaging from FSC-certified plantations and recycled violet glass containers that prolong the preservation of its formulas. Natural cosmetics with cutting-edge eco-friendly design.

The brand’s commitment goes beyond cosmetics. It is a commitment linked to the world and the planet. This is why it develops natural cosmetics, minimizing the carbon footprint, without palm oil and taking care of all the details to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible during manufacturing processes.

For all this, and much more, Ami Iyök is certified natural cosmetics committed, honest and transparent.


Natrue certification endorses the brand’s values and commitment to the world and the planet. Natural cosmetics in which none of the final products or their ingredients have been tested either inside or outside the European Union, as well as the refusal to export to all countries where animal testing is a prerequisite for health records.