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Technological ingredients in natural cosmetics? It’s possible!

Since ancient times it is known that essential oils possess important properties that act simultaneously in our body. Its therapeutic and curative function is indisputable. However, like any medicine that has its complexity, it should not be used lightly. Many of these essential oils can be irritating or even harmful to our health. How do we solve these effects? Very easy. Curiously, in the oils themselves we find the solution. Vehicular (ie, neutral) oils make it possible to take advantage of all the properties of one or the other. Its function is to soften the pure oil so that our skin can assimilate it much better. And if they succeed. For these same reasons, In AmiIyök we have not wanted to overlook the properties that essential oils provide us. With them, we achieve an effective cosmetics that meets the highest requirements of advanced natural cosmetics.
Our secret? An effective cosmetics with the development of technological assets
The essential oils together with the vehicles, form a very effective tandem for our skin. However, in AmiIyök we wanted to go a step further to achieve the excellence of natural cosmetics. The technological assets have been the answer to further strengthen the formulas of our products. Thanks to R & D from environmentally friendly laboratories and proven tests, we have achieved what we were looking for. An even more significant improvement of the skin. Thus, the end result is an effective cosmetics with the highest concentrations recommended by the laboratories themselves.
The technological assets have meant the advance of the natural cosmetic industry. Do you want to know what they are? Coming up next, we tell you.

Tens Up: Lifting effect for an integral beauty

The tens Up exerts on our skin a tensioning and anti-aging effect. Thanks to its actions of flash effect and sequential release of the active, we obtain a skin smooth and radiant. In addition, its continuous use stimulates the synthesis of collagen helping the skin to look younger. Thanks to these magnificent properties, the Tens Up is part of the slowiing line of AmiIyök. Both Iyök Balance facial balancing cream and DrySkin Oasis antiaging dry skin reshape and strengthen our skin. Its objective is to act on the elasticity and turgidity of the same to create an effective cosmetics. But not only that. The EyeSerumGlam also contains this technological asset that attenuates and disguises wrinkles and lines of expression. Closing this group tensor effect of natural cosmetics, we find another one of our star products: El celucombat. Thanks to Tens up we get the elasticity and smoothness we look for in an anti-cellulite.

LipOut: burns stored fat and reduces centimeters

Thanks to the active technology LipOut we stimulate the passage of adipocytes accumulating fat to adipocytes that burn it. As you can imagine, this powerful ability made it the perfect ally of our Celucombat. Thus, the power Tens Up and LipOut came together creating an effective cosmetics concentrated in a single product. If you are looking for toning and reducing fat and cellulite, no doubt Celucombat is for you.

Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid: Prevents aging of the face with an effective cosmetic

Hyaluronic acid is the excellent ally of natural cosmetics. As time passes, our body loses the ability to retain water by its own means. When our body loses that capacity, the first wrinkles begin to appear. Hyaluronic acid acts precisely in these cases. Retains water so that our skin is always well hydrated and taken care of. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen giving our skin a much younger appearance. Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid our DrySkin Oasis and Iyök Balance creams treat the skin from all angles. Her high potential to catch wrinkles and lines of expression has made her our ally. And it is not only found in our creams, but also in the EyeSerum and Myperfect Skin. The Slowageing line bet without doubt by this technological asset that provides us with an effective and healthy cosmetics.

Melacare: Blend of vegetable oils to whiten your skin

The technological asset Malacare is conformed by the synergy of 3 medicinal plants. Its main objective is to inhibit the synthesis of melanin and tyrosinase activity in the melanocyte. That is, it provides our products with an illuminating and whitening action. Its great anti-stain power has proven to reduce the cellular pigment that gives stain color.

Our advanced multifunction oil Slow Liquid is more than ready to depigmentate the spots resulting from cell photoaging. Without a doubt, biotechnology has provided us with an effective and committed cosmetology with the skin.
With these technological assets we have created a special unisex line, which combines the best of nature and science. A natural cosmetics that assumes with ecological responsibility all the challenges that are presented. An effective cosmetic, which gives the skin strength and energy away from artificial products.
Do you dare to try the natural cosmetics line Slow Aging?