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Ecological Cosmetics. What does it mean?

cosmética ecológica Ami Iyök

The growth of ecological cosmetics

In recent years, the concern for the care of our skin in a responsible and conscious way has been increasing. But, do we really know what ecological cosmetics are? One does not know what to think anymore. We are continually bombarded with so much information and publicity that it reaches a point where you do not know what is true in them. In spite of this, every year the sector of ecological cosmetics has been increasing. This fact shows that, although today there are still many obstacles in the knowledge of responsible cosmetics, we are improving. It is only a matter of time that is imposed on the conventional.
In my case, when I started the journey in ecological cosmetics, I had doubts about how to differentiate it from the rest. Reading and reading labels, certifications and brand philosophies was a challenge that I accepted. As the years have passed, this information has become increasingly clear. The commitment of ecological brands to the transparency of their products has paid off. Nowadays, we can distinguish with small tricks that are organic in the products and that not, in a simple way.

What is organic cosmetics?

We mean by ecological cosmetics that uses a minimum percentage of ingredients that come from nature. So, Extracts, plants, oils … are the kings of the formulations. However, the main difference of the ecological cosmetics with respect to the rest is in the culture of the ingredients. These must come from ecological and responsible farming. The small big difference in this is reflected in our health and in the environment afterwards.
As far as AmiIyök is concerned, all products are 100% natural in origin and biologically controlled. The certifiers BDIH and Natrue endorse this fact. In this way, we guarantee the traceability and quality of our raw materials, and our products.
In addition, we are proud to be able to say that we are an Eco-friendly brand not only in the final product. Ami Iyök has an organic and environmentally friendly packaging. Certified, collapsible and reusable certified poplar wood design satisfies us. The essence of nature and modernity are united in classic products and advanced at the same time.

What does a product belong to the ecological cosmetics

Nowadays, since there is NO regulation of what natural and ecological cosmetics mean, the certifiers have a leading role. It is the only way we have the marks to demonstrate our absolute transparency and commitment. Knowing how they work in general terms can help us make our choices the right ones when it comes to buying.
Some requirements for a brand to comply with the term of ecological cosmetics are:
Free from animal cruelty. Both in the ingredients, as in the manufacture, as in the viability tests they must be cruelty-free.
• Products must not contain synthetic fragrances or colorants.
• They must not contain petroleum derivatives (paraffins, PEG, propyl -, – alkyl-, etc.) or silicone oils or derivatives.
• They must be free of radiation. Both in the ingredients and in the final product.

• The manufacture of products must be as environmentally friendly as possible.
• They must not be genetically modified ingredients (according to EU regulations)
As we can see in these rules, the benefits of ecological cosmetics cover many sectors. Not only that of our health (that too) but that it affects both the environment and animals. Using a product of these characteristics implies direct contact with nature. The active principles of plant extracts, envelop you giving you the best of them. Quality, health, conscience, well-being and beauty are just some of the things that ecological cosmetics give us.

Dare to switch to organic cosmetics

If reading the INCIS and the certifiers is not your thing, you can try something different. We invite you to try a product that comes from ecological cosmetics. Whatever you want. You will see for yourself how its touch, its aroma and even its color are infallible clues. Developing the senses and intuition is a lot of fun in cosmetics. How much truth is there in the words: “When you try it there is no going back” because it is a whole sensory experience. In the line of AmiIyök you will find products for it, you will be able to check all these feelings for yourself.
Which Amiyök product would you choose to start with in ecological cosmetics?


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