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Natural cosmetics and cruelty free?

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The European Union supports a Cruelty free cosmetics

Today, the cosmetic industry is a giant that year after year is on the rise. Incredibly, and despite being a very important market, there is no strict regulation regarding it. Do not you believe that in a globalized world like ours, it is crucial to define clear and concise laws? Unfortunately, it is not. And these legal gaps, help to make real outrages against our health, the environment and living things. Fortunately small steps have been taken towards a better future. Clear example was the ban on testing animals in the EU since 2013. Both the finished product and the ingredients that make it must be Cruelty free. This law represented a breakthrough in the regulation of animal cruelty in Europe. However, and although this news made us very happy, it should not simply remain in that.
Being a regulated issue only in the EU, there was a move towards less restrictive areas of the world in this regard. According to Humane Society International, 80% of countries are still legal this type of praxis. Clear example of this, is China. Every year in this country, about 300,000 animals die in laboratory tests for the cosmetic industry. Nowadays, it is highly doubtful that it will slow down, since in China it is compulsory by law to test animals. As you may well imagine, the Eastern market supposes a very high turnover rate in cosmetics. Therefore, many times entering it involves falling into these types of practices less moral and less expensive. Unfortunately, there are companies that do not hesitate to do so. What’s more, they take advantage of these situations to be able to develop new marketing claims. The creation of new products in an increasingly competitive market is very important for these companies. This situation has caused Chinese associations in favor of a natural cosmetics and cruelty free, raise the voice. And year after year they struggle to get these situations that violate animal rights outlawed.

We offer a natural cosmetics Cruelty free and responsible

The divulgation work on the situation that lives the animals, has gotten that part of the world population is sensibilice. Many brands, such as Ami Iyok, work every day for responsible consumption and Cruelty free. Our commitment as a brand is to bet on advanced natural cosmetics without the need to compromise the integrity of animals.

How do we get it?
• We do not participate in animal testing to sell outside the European Union.
• We only use ingredients that guarantee human safety without the need for animal experimentation.
• We do not sell our cosmetic products in countries where animal testing is mandatory.
• We have certification that guarantees our environmental commitment and cruelty free.
• We disseminate information and support campaigns against animal experimentation giving importance to cruelty free philosophy.
In Ami Iyök ecosmetics we believe deeply in the connection that exists between us and our planet. Creating a natural cosmetics to match the circumstances is of vital importance. For this, we get the Natrue-Label certificate. A quality seal that distinguishes products that are authentically natural and organic.
Natrue, the natural cosmetic seal that guarantees the transparency of the products.
In recent times many companies seek to join the fashion of so-called “green cosmetics” or natural cosmetics. So selling it as natural without actually being it, is the order of the day. One thing must be clear, that a brand is natural cosmetics, does not guarantee that it is cruelty free. There must be a specification about it. For this reason, in Ami Iyök we look for the real commitment through quality seals like Natrue. In this way, the consumer can easily distinguish which product is truly natural and organic.
Natrue is an international non-profit label whose mission is to ensure that the ingredients are of high quality. Organic farming, together with responsible production with biodiversity is one of the most important pillars of Natrue. At Ami Iyök we have the honor to use our own raw materials from our fields in Montbrió. Thus, we comply with an ecological agriculture, sensitized and committed to a transparency rules well defined by this certifier.

The rules of the Natrue label are very clear:

• Products must not contain synthetic fragrances or colorants.
• They must not contain petroleum derivatives (paraffins, PEG, propyl -, – alkyl-, etc.) or silicone oils or derivatives.
• Must not include genetically modified ingredients (in compliance with EU regulation)
• There should be no irradiation of the final product or botanical ingredients.

• It should not be tested on animals. So they must be Cruelty free. Thus we get a natural cosmetics really committed to our health and the environment. Natrue manages to define coherent and honest values for a responsible market where Ami Iyök is fully identified. In this way, united by a more sustainable future, we offer total transparency to our consumers.

Join a natural and cruelty free cosmetics!