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Copaiba Balsam: From the Amazon to your skin

Bálsamo de Copaiba

Balsam of Copaiba, our ally in cosmetics

At Ami Iyök we strive every day to ensure that our products are made with the greatest affection and pampering in the world. Mixing nature and science is not always an easy task, but rewarding. Discovering, informing, analyzing and formulating ingredients from nature only encourages our desire to improve. Precisely of this need, we have searched for all continents the best for the health of the skin. And go if we have found. The effectiveness of our oils and extracts is proven thanks to numerous laboratory tests. Therefore, we are more than sure that our formulations perfectly project the essence of AmiIyök.
Today we come, therefore, to speak of one of those elements that make the difference in cosmetics. An exotic and special ingredient on all four sides, Copaiba Balsam.

Properties and Benefits of Copaiba Balsam

Copaiba balm (Copaifera Officinalis) is extracted from an Amazonian tree in a very handmade way, making a hole in the trunk. The fascinating thing about this, is that you have to know how to respect tree times very well. In any other way, you could not extract the wonderful property that is inside. Its benefits cover almost everything from health to cosmetics. Although in Europe it may be somewhat unknown, for local people in the area is well known its potential. How much remains to be learned!
This exotic treasure contains excellent properties for our skin. It fights very effectively the problems of acne and dermatitis. In addition, it is an ally of dry and tired skins. It contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the skin and helps to promote oxygenation of the skin.
As you can imagine, after this list of benefits that highlight the power of the Amazon, we could not overlook the Copaiba Balsam. The synergy of Copaiba Balsam along with other oils and ingredients, is most beneficial to our skin. How have we used it in AmiIyök? Through the Slow liquid. Our multifunctional organic facial oil.

Slow liquid: life for your skin

The purpose of Slow Liquid is to restructure the deeper layers of our skin, bringing luminosity and elasticity to the dermis. It is formulated to repair the effects of photoaging, spots, dehydration and lines of expression. The Amazonian oils and resins, among which is the Copaiba Balsam, are very famous for their many qualities. Its protective properties against external effects, antimycotic, antimicrobial, healing and emollients make it perfect for this organic multifunctional oil.
Its application is very simple, you can choose to use it for the day, or at night. If you decide to apply it by day, the oil will act as a plus of your usual cream. Thus, you get hydration coverage that will last about 24 hours. If on the contrary you prefer to use it at night, we advise you to do it after facial cleansing. In this way you guarantee the perfect absorption of the fascinating assets like the Copaiba Balsam. The regeneration of the skin at night along with Slow liquid will be guaranteed.
We love to think that every product we create carries a little harmony of nature. Bringing our daily routine to products like Copaiba Balm gives a lot of meaning to what we want to convey. A unique and advanced cosmetics. Respectful with the environment, in order to weave a network between the organic, the natural and our body.