AGE COMBAT – Anti-ageing ampoules for an integral effect

New anti-ageing ampoules to take care of your skin microbiota and act against aging

We have the idea that how much products we use on our face, we will have better results. That’s why we have an anti-aging cream, another for acne, another for luminosity, etc.

What if we had a single product that covered, at all levels, all the needs of our face?

From Ami iyök, we present anti-aging ampoules AGE COMBAT, the latest novelty in the Microbiota Skinwarrior line.


AGE COMBAT ampoules, like the other products in the line, work by restoring the skin microbiota to maintain healthy skin with natural beauty.

As we explained in other posts of the skin microbiota, hormonal treatments, contamination,  stress etc.  cause an alteration of the skin microbiota, and as a consequence increases the colonization of external agents that cause many of the skin pathologies.

Therefore, one of the slogans of AGE COMBAT is to take care of the skin and keep it healthy so that you do not have to intervene with more specific products afterwards.

That we can’t prevent is the passage of time, with the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, fine lines, loss of turbulence, etc.  AGE COMBAT is a powerful  anti-aging formula that has as its main objective to combat premature aging. This premature aging occurs in both mixed/fat skin and dry skin. That’s why our formula is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and matte-finished, to suit all types of ungreased skin but with a mixture of technological assets that work by significantly improving the appearance of the skin with continued use.


AGE COMBAT are an anti-aging ampoules designed for all skin types, from mixed skin to drier skin, as they contain fast-absorbing non-oily ingredients. It is ideal for sensitive and irritable skin, for its composition without perfume and allergens, and with great tolerance in the skin.

AGE Combat is a combination of antioxidants and vitamins with a great anti-aging effect,  and with an extra probiotics to keep the skin microbiota balanced. But what ingredients do it contain and how do it work on our skin?


Backuchiol is  a natural  equivalent  of retinol. With efficacy tests  in fibroblasts, which show that it has a genetic expression very similar to retinol, and therefore act in a very similar way to this in the regulation of collagen I and IV, and collagen stimulation type III.

Therefore, it provides the same powerful anti-aging  benefits of retinol, with a stimulated cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, but without the side effects of retinol such as hyperpigmentation, irritation, and can be used by pregnant women.

Antioxidant combination

Age Combat  stands out for a high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients, which act against free radicals, preventing them from damaging the skin and inhibiting collagen formation, and therefore a great anti-aging effect.


We emphasize above all ferulic acid, with a great penetration into the skin and its stabilizing properties, acts as a cellular protector and inhibitor of melanogenesis. To reduce wrinkles and fine lines and remove possible stains.

On the other hand, we have the phytic acid, very similar to glycolic acid but softer and with much more tolerance. It can be used by sensitive skin, with aging and acne scarring.

Also, a combination of vitamins with great antioxidant power such as the stable form of Vit C ( Ascorbyl glucoside) and vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

And finally, we have the presence of hyalluronic acid, which has a great water retention capacity on the face, and bisabolol.

Ronaflair Flawless

An important asset in the formula is Ronaflair Flawless, a peach-colored powder that coats and fills wrinkles and fine lines, but at the same time unifies in skin tone. Creates a smooth focus effect immediately.

Prebiotics ingredients

These prebiotic actives increase growth, skin microbiota metabolism. Since they serve as food for this, it therefore helps us to keep the skin healthy.

It maintains the same prebiotics of the Microbiota Skinwarrior line, such as B-glucan and the Inulin and Fructose complex.

But in AGE COMBAT we highlight the active Biotics Tech, a complex of two strains of Lactobacillus: Lactobacilus reuteri and Lactobacilus platarum. Processed with a technology to preserve the cell wall of bacteria, this causes them to act as the skin microbiota (probiotic), restoring skin defenses.

Ritual Age Combat

Including Age combat  in your beauty routine will combat all the signs of aging thanks to the high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients with anti-ageing effect, while reinforcing the skin microbiota.

For an integral ritual, pre-wash your face with a soap with mild vegetable surfactants like Green  Shaman, then apply a blister by massaging the skin of the face and with small touches. Then we apply  our usual cream. Repeat the ritual with Age-combat at night.