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Vit C and Niacinamide in the same product?

Serum Vit C and Niacinamide, combined for a more integral antiaging effect! What concentration of each asset is appropriate? We have heard about the concept of minimalist cosmetics, “less is more”. It is based on choosing few ingredients, so you can add more concentration of each component. But in certain[…]

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Benefits of Manuka Honey

Stop Spots, Manuka Honey

Ami Iyök bets for Manuka honey in its formulations In Ami Iyök we have designed an exclusive line of certified organic cosmetic products. A unisex “Slow Ageing” line that contains unique treatments in order to obtain a pretty, elastic, and unified skin. To achieve this goal, Ami Iyök has searched[…]

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Copaiba Balsam: From the Amazon to your skin

Bálsamo de Copaiba

Balsam of Copaiba, our ally in cosmetics At Ami Iyök we strive every day to ensure that our products are made with the greatest affection and pampering in the world. Mixing nature and science is not always an easy task, but rewarding. Discovering, informing, analyzing and formulating ingredients from nature[…]

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Effective cosmetics, at your fingertips.

Effective cosmetics natural cosmetics

Technological ingredients in natural cosmetics? It’s possible! Since ancient times it is known that essential oils possess important properties that act simultaneously in our body. Its therapeutic and curative function is indisputable. However, like any medicine that has its complexity, it should not be used lightly. Many of these essential oils[…]

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