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Benefits of Manuka Honey

Stop Spots, Manuka Honey

Ami Iyök bets for Manuka honey in its formulations

In Ami Iyök we have designed an exclusive line of certified organic cosmetic products. A unisex “Slow Ageing” line that contains unique treatments in order to obtain a pretty, elastic, and unified skin. To achieve this goal, Ami Iyök has searched for all continents with effective ingredients, such as manuka honey, in the beauty sector. Thus, the synergies of products in our formulations are full.

Today, we make a small trip through our Earth to show you one of the star ingredients of Ami Iyök’s products: Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey. The nectar of New Zealand.

Manuka’s honey is the floral honey that results in the pollination of the Manuka bush. Cultivated in New Zealand, this highly appreciated nectar throughout the world due to its numerous properties, has no rival in many respects. Let’s see some:

Accelerates healing: Manuka honey is able to destroy bacteria due to the high concentration of polysaccharides that create an unfavorable environment for these. Thus, regeneration of the dermis is achieved in a totally natural way.
Help in many skin diseases: thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, the treatment of Manuka Honey favors our skin. Thus, boils, eczema and acne can fight with this wonder.
Moisturizes the dermis: Dry or unhydrated skin can be pleasantly benefited thanks to the Manuka Honey. Its high levels of collagen help strengthen the dermis leaving it much more revitalized.
Balance the skin ph: without doubt its antibacterial properties help to balance the ph of the dermis. If you have sensitive skin, this point is very interesting.
As you can see, its benefits make it the perfect candidate for demanding skin that requires extra care. In AmiIyök, we have added Manuka’s honey to our organic anti-acne complex to concentrate all its properties in a single product.

Stop Spots: organic anti-spotting and anti-acne complex

Stop Spots aims primarily at balancing, calming and preventing the onset of acne. It acts on those spots and granites that can disturb us. Its purpose is to inhibit all stages of acne formation regardless of its origin. Preventing, treating and avoiding future problems is the purpose of AmiIyök certified cosmetics.

Among its most decisive assets, we find our protagonist today. The honey of Manuka. The natural inhibitor of granites and imperfections par excellence. In addition, Tea Tree and Cedar Oil help to regenerate the affected area and oxygenate the cells. On the other hand, the Limón and the Aloe Vera, astringen and repair the darkened areas by photo-aging. All of them together, are an unbeatable formula for the comprehensive treatment of acne, manchitis and skin irritations. Do not care what type of skin you have (fat, mixed or dry) StopSpots will help you control this type of imperfections.

How to use STOP SPOTS

The use of STOP SPOTS is very simple. Apply in the morning and night on the skin clean the times you consider necessary. If you decide to use it as a generic face treatment, apply a uniform and lightweight layer. If, on the contrary, you want to treat a specific facial imperfection, apply directly to that specific area. In both cases, you should let the formula act and dry completely before using your usual moisturizer.

To optimize the results of Stop Spots, remember that your application should be in a skin that is free from impurities. For this it is important to follow a specific facial care routine such as cleansing, scrubs and tonics. Paying attention to these recommendations will certainly make a difference in the results.

Finding ingredients in all parts of the world has resulted in a “Slowageing” line marked by the exotic and the great classics. The harmony between nature and skin merge to knit a network that has all the needs of both parties. Manuka’s honey is the clear example of how we can achieve excellence with very little.

Dare to try the Manuka Honey with our organic anti-spotting and anti-acne complex!