Ami Iyok

Daily routine after continuous use of the mask

Because of the situation we are living, the mask has become a daily complement in our lives.

Just as it happens to us who are not used to wearing it, our skin also suffers the consequences, especially now in summer.

By not sweating and because of high temperatures, sweating increases in the area between the chin and upper lip. If a good cleaning is not done, it generates a favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria causing skin alterations such as acne, rosacea, irritations etc. And very common, the appearance of dermatitis. Similar to a rash, as a result of the accumulation of sweat in the dermis.

Also, by the constant rubbing of the mask on the skin, small cracks are generated where these bacteria can penetrate more easily.

At the same time, being made of cotton, it absorbs the natural fat from the skin of the face, causing dryness.

It is important to be aware that the sun’s rays penetrate equally and therefore we have to protect ourselves from the sun with a broad spectrum sunscreen of light texture, because, if we apply one of dense texture, along with sweat, it can greatly grease the skin and produce granites or other skin alterations typical of oily skin.

From Ami iyök we propose a daily facial routine to prevent skin problems caused by the use of masks.


    • 1. Cleaning: A good daily facial hygiene to eliminate the remains of sebum, sweat and pollution accumulator that help the proliferation of bacteria, causing skin alterations. But also, because dirt creates a barrier in the skin that prevents the correct absorption of the assets of subsequent moisturizing and nourishing treatments.


For this, we recommend GREEN SHAMAN. Facial cleanser cleans, removes makeup, restores and detoxifies your skin only with ingredients of biological and organic origin in an oily gel base. Gently cleanses without irritation respecting the protective layer of the skin thanks to its active ingredients such as Camomile and Blue Tansy with a soothing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity. Bergamot also contains a powerful antibacterial and disinfectant complements the cleaning to make it fully effective.


    • 2. Protection and hydration of the protective barrier.


Inside the gamma skinwarrior, we present BOOSTER CALM 360 warrior I. It takes care of, repairs and maintains all the microbiota diners that are in our skin of the face. Where her alteration causes skin problems. Create a biocompatible barrier with the skin and protect the existing microflora, isolate it from external agents and cause bacteria to reproduce.

It contains Azelaic acid, with a powerful antibacterial, keratolytic and antioxidant activity. It is bactericidal against the bacteria that causes acne.
Organic sulfur (MSM) also combats bacteria and fungi to maintain a beneficial balance, and at the same time improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin promoting the formation of keratin and collagen.

Without forgetting the hydration and the Slowaging effect, it contains assets to counteract the caused dryness and nourish the protective barrier thus creating an anti-aging effect


    • 3. High spectrum sunscreen.